PUBG: Best guns for beginners


17 Dec 2018

#GamingBytes: Five best PUBG guns for beginners

PUBG is best known for the realistic shooting mechanism it brings to the tactically accurate Battle Royale.

Therefore, the choice of guns is paramount in the game if you wish to win the chicken dinner.

Although gun choice varies among players, there are some guns, which beginners might find easier to handle during firefights.

Here we present five best guns for beginners.


Double barrel death dealer

Understandably a lot of beginners are averse to shotguns since they are not good at distances and have longer reload times.

However, the S686 is lethal early on in the game. The double barrel 12-gauge gun will turn enemies nearby into red mist.

Moreover, coupling it with bullet loops and choke will increase reload speed and make the spread accurate, turning the shotgun deadlier.


No recoil, no hassle SMG

Boasting single, burst and auto modes, the Vector brings diverse firing techniques to the game, making it ideal for beginners.

Moreover, it uses, .45ACP ammo, which is easily available.

Although lethal at close and mid ranges due to high firing speed, the gun has one major downside.

The ammo capacity is 13 and 25 with extended mag, meaning beginners have to fire bullets wisely.

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The most effective SMG for beginners

The UMP9 is perhaps the best SMG in PUBG. It holds 9mm ammo and does not require as many attachments as the Vector.

The UMP9 is extremely lethal in close and mid ranges and with some training could be used in certain long-range scenarios.

However, for beginners, the base 30 ammo capacity, extendable to 40 means that they can fire and kill enemies easily.


An assault rifle that could be deadly

M16A4 is normally not an assault rifle I recommend, for beginners or pros. This is primarily because the M416 is a much better weapon to handle.

However, the M16A4 is an absolute monster in mid-ranges. The burst fire mode, which shoots three bullets together, is effective enough to tear enemies to shreds.

If beginners use M16A4, I suggest aiming it towards the enemies' torso.


A stable long range option for beginners

Understandably, long range shooting requires the maximum skill and beginners lack the ability for effective long range engagements.

However, the Mini14, Designated Marksman Rifle, could be a game changer.

It has a fast bullet speed, can fit both assault rifle and sniper attachments, and more importantly, has very minimal recoil.

This makes it perfect for beginners who want to start sniping towards the endgame.

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