PUBG: Five mistakes to avoid in Vikendi


24 Dec 2018

Want to win chicken-dinner in PUBG Vikendi? Avoid these mistakes

PUBG has introduced a new snow map, Vikendi and everyone is headed there to try and win a chicken dinner.

The 6km by 6km map is perhaps the best map yet, in terms of size and geography, both of which impact gameplay.

The incredibly detailed map has stiff competition as unseasoned players are dying quickly.

Here are five mistakes you should avoid in Vikendi.

First shrink

Land near the center of the map

The first shrink starts pretty quickly in Vikendi.

Therefore, in order to loot properly, we suggest not landing in far off locations.

Choose a few unmarked houses in solos to land and loot without fear of confrontation, while safely staying within the playzone.

If in duos or squads, choose medium action landing spots for good loot, but beware of the enemy presence nearby.


The snow will tell others where you are

Vikendi's snow is completely changing the gameplay.

We suggest you to avoid traveling on snow at all costs. On snow, you leave footprints, and even if you go prone and move, you still leave trails.

This makes tracking players much easier when they move across the snow.

Further, camouflage against white backdrops is harder and the snowy expanses have lesser places for cover.

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Vehicles will not help you here

While the playzone in Vikendi shrinks quicker, the map is rather small in size, so if players plan their movement, they can avoid vehicles.

Vehicles leave tire tracks in the snow, letting others know exactly where you might be headed.

Moreover, vehicles give away the element of stealth and make you a bigger target.

We suggest ditching the vehicle and moving stealthily on foot.


The snow is not your friend even in stillness

Some players might think that wearing white in Vikendi is an effective camouflage mechanism.

While it, indeed, is difficult to spot players in the snow if they are dressed in white, remember your weapons, unless equipped with suitable camouflage are going to be visible.

Your vests, helmets, and pans too, are going to stand out against the snow, making spotting way easier for enemies.


Avoid movement in the final moments of the match

We always advise minimum movement in the final stages of the game since the number of players is lesser, the circle is small and your chances of detection is high.

However, it is especially important in Vikendi.

Being a snow map, you stand out if you move, making yourself an easy target.

Wait patiently and move stealthily in the end.

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Most asked questions

Will landing in the map's center be more dangerous?

Should I play Vikendi in a FPP or TPP?

Can the ice in Vikendi break?

What gun is best for Vikendi?

More questions

Will landing in the map's center be more dangerous?

Asked 2018-12-24 15:17:43 by Aaryan Das

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, of course, most players prefer landing towards the center of the map. But in maps where playzones shrink quickly, the risk vs reward demands that you land towards the center, to get good loot.

Should I play Vikendi in a FPP or TPP?

Asked 2018-12-24 15:17:43 by Angel Powar

Answered by NewsBytes

I would suggest Vikendi in TPP since a 360-degree view will come in handy on this snow map where spotting is easy on the snow.

Can the ice in Vikendi break?

Asked 2018-12-24 15:17:43 by Parakram Das

Answered by NewsBytes

No, though the ice is slippery, except for snowmobiles, the ice will not break under the pressure of vehicles or even when hit by gunfire or throwables.

What gun is best for Vikendi?

Asked 2018-12-24 15:17:43 by Ridhi Jhadav

Answered by NewsBytes

For Vikendi, I would ideally suggest a combination of SMG and Assault rifle or DMR with a good scope, since early in the game most encounters will be close range, but the vast expanses mean you can try long shots mid and towards the end of the game.

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