Ultimate sniping and camping locations in PUBG Vikendi


28 Dec 2018

#GamingBytes: Five best camping spots in PUBG Vikendi

PUBG recently released its new snow map Vikendi, which has become a rage among gamers.

Perhaps the most detailed map of PUBG, the 6km by 6km size delivers an ultimate Battle Royale experience.

With more gamers headed there, competition has become intense and it is harder to win the chicken dinner.

In order to give you an advantage, here're five best Vikendi camping spots.


The rocket at Cosmodrome is your ideal choice

The massive spaceship at Cosmodrome will catch anyone's eye if they are landing nearby.

However, the best bit is the ledges of the platform at the base of the rocket.

They are perfect for camping and you can even go prone to be less visible.

Wait patiently for players to come in from underneath the rocket's platform and shoot them with a height advantage.

Cement Factory

The deadly nature of the Cement Factory

The Cement Factory has plenty of rooftops for sniping positions.

However, two specific spots stand out for camping and sniping.

One is the top of the pipes that run in the Cement Factory. Go prone there and you have a good sight into quite a few buildings, for sniping activities.

The raised platform at the factory's edge also gives an excellent 360-degree view.

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Dino Park

A fun park for you, a deadly park for enemies

The roller coaster in Dino Park is an excellent sniping spot.

Just pick one of the higher points of the tracks and go prone there. Not only will you get a great field of vision, but a clear overhead view of the maze, where enemies often like to hide.

If you are feeling merciless, toss some grenades into the maze before opening fire.

Coal Mine

The perils at Coal Mine

The Coal Mine is a popular landing spot sometimes and it does not hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve to kill enemies.

The towers of the Coal Mine are obvious sniping choices due to the elevated position and 360-degree views.

However, the bridge connecting the towers is an equally good spot, giving clear views of the Coal Mine and the surroundings.


A hot spot with a perfect sniper's nest

We noted that Castle was one of the most high-action landing spots in Vikendi.

This is not just for the loot, but the almost perfect sniper's nest ,this location offers.

The towers in Castle are extremely high, thus it is good to have a scoped weapon.

However, they provide a complete view of the surrounding areas and the numerous windows make shooting extremely easy.

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Most asked questions

Which map is best for pushing rank faster and should I play solo?

What scopes are best from these positions?

If I fall from these places will I die or lose health?

Do I need camouflage clothes in sniping spots?

Out of the places mentioned, which would you pick as the best spot?

More questions

Which map is best for pushing rank faster and should I play solo?

Asked 2018-12-29 18:05:21 by Sarabjeet Singh

Answered by NewsBytes

There's no particular map which is best suited to push ranks faster. Play on maps you are most comfortable with. Unless you have a trustworthy decent squad or partner, definitely go solo.

What scopes are best from these positions?

Asked 2018-12-28 17:29:18 by Angel Chatterjee

Answered by NewsBytes

For the mobile version, anything from a 4x scope and above is good for sniping. For the PC and console versions, the 15x is ideal of course.

If I fall from these places will I die or lose health?

Asked 2018-12-28 17:29:18 by Dhruv Sengupta

Answered by NewsBytes

It depends on the height, if the place is too high and you fall, you will die directly, or get knocked out in duos and squads.

Do I need camouflage clothes in sniping spots?

Asked 2018-12-28 17:29:18 by Trishla Jain

Answered by NewsBytes

Since the sniping spots are pretty high up, the clothes won't make much of a difference, but stay hidden because some spots are exposed and if the enemy sees you, you could be in trouble.

Out of the places mentioned, which would you pick as the best spot?

Asked 2018-12-28 17:29:18 by Hansika Pillai

Answered by NewsBytes

Castle's towers would be the best spot. With multiple windows and good height, it has a strategic advantage and you can always hide behind the walls if your nest is detected.

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