#GamingBytes: 5 biggest PUBG Mobile updates in 2018


31 Dec 2018

#ThatWas2018: Game changing updates brought by PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile gained immense popularity in 2018, becoming one of the most played Battle Royale games across the world.

Dominating Asian markets, PUBG Mobile introduced a host of major updates this year, which drew in flocks of additional gamers and won it various awards.

Now with the year ending, here is looking back at the five major updates that came to PUBG Mobile.

How have we ranked the PUBG Mobile updates?

We have tried to rank the PUBG Mobile updates chronologically while keeping in mind the extent of gameplay changes, which it brought. In our list, we have saved, what we feel is the, biggest update for last. Read on!

Update 0.4.0

Arcade mode comes to PUBG Mobile for the first time

Update 0.4.0 released on April 19 introduced Arcade mode for the first time to PUBG Mobile.

It lowered player numbers from 100 to 28, and had six different variations of weapons and items including shotguns, snipers, pistols and melee weapons.

This update also introduced the Training Grounds for players to try out all available weapons and vehicles before starting matches.

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Update 0.5.0

Miramar, the desert map comes to PUBG Mobile

May 17, 2018, saw one of PUBG Mobile's best updates as it introduced Miramar, the desert map.

Before this, the game only had the classic Erangel as the playable map.

The desert map quickly became popular among certain gamers for ease of spotting and being a sniper's paradise.

The update also saw a new progress system getting introduced, giving awards for completing missions.

Update 0.8.0

Sanhok comes to PUBG Mobile with faster, more intense gameplay

On September 11, PUBG Mobile finally got the jungle-based Sanhok map, which brought a whole new intensity to the Battle Royale.

The 4km by 4km map is considerably smaller. However, it has 100 players making rounds much more fast-paced.

The flare gun addition was a game-changer as players could call supply drops and get equipped with level 3 gear and rare deadly weapons.

Update 0.9.0

PUBG Mobile celebrates Halloween in a unique manner

October 25, 2018, saw PUBG Mobile make a host of changes to celebrate Halloween.

There were many festival-themed changes that came to the game for a limited time.

However, the most important changes were the introduction of Night Mode in Erangel and Night Vision goggles.

Notably, Sanhok got a brand new DMR, the QBU, which replaced the Mini14 and is much more stable.

Update 0.10.0

Winter comes to PUBG Mobile with Vikendi snow map

PUBG Mobile brought the 6km by 6km Vikendi snow map with the 0.10.0 update, which has changed gameplay massively, with the new tracking system using footprints or trails in the snow.

However, this update came pretty close after the November 21, 0.9.5 update, which had added a new weapon the Beryl M762 assault rifle to the game while also kick-starting Royale Pass Season 4.

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PUBG Erangel


PUBG Miramar

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Sanhok

PUBG Vikendi


Battle Royale

Beryl M762


Dominating Asian




Night Mode

Night Vision


Royale Pass Season 4


Training Grounds

Update 0

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Will PUBG Mobile have tournaments next year?

Asked 2018-12-31 19:38:02 by Charvi Jaiteley

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes PUBG Mobile will expand the eSports scene and is likely to have global tournaments in 2019.

What is the next major update coming to PUBG Mobile?

Asked 2018-12-31 19:38:02 by Sanvi Mistry

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PUBG Mobile's next update should introduce the Scorpion gun and the G36C assault rifle.

Will PUBG Mobile host Indian tournaments next year?

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For Vikendi, I would suggest an assault rifle with a good scope considering snipers might be rare to find. More importantly, assault rifles are all-rounders and good for the close quarter situations that often arise on the snow map.

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