Who are India's best Counter Strike players?


21 Jan 2019

#GamingBytes: Top five Counter Strike players of India

Counter-Strike is one of the most competitive first-person shooter games which relies on players' reflexes and shooting accuracy.

Over the years, this game has enjoyed immense popularity within Indian gaming circuits.

It is one of the staple games for eSports and naturally nurtures high level of competition among gamers.

Without much ado, we present here, the five best Counter-Strike gamers of India.

Player 1

Antidote: Sniping skills make him a dangerous gamer to face

Antidote: Sniping skills make him a dangerous gamer to face

Sabyasachi Bose or Antidote is one of the most reputed Counter-Strike players in India.

A consistent gamer and a constant threat during rounds, Antidote is known for being really quick on the trigger.

His fast firing has been honed, along with aggressive gameplay, using the AWP sniper.

This makes him one of the deadliest long distance killers, taking out enemies before they spot him.

Player 2

Excali: Dominating the gameplay in Counter-Strike

Karan Mhaswadkar or Excali is one of India's most recognizable Counter-Strike players.

He is a member of Entity Gaming and has performed remarkably well in the competitive gaming circuits over the years.

Although 2018 saw a fall in his form as he struggled in some rounds, he still remains immensely dominant during games and is definitely one of the more formidable Indian gamers.

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Player 3

HuNtR: Competitive victory proves this gamer's skill

Ishpreet Singh or HuNtR is one of the best Indian Counter-Strike players in the competitive circuits.

He has a really balanced game playing style and his skills have only increased over the years.

2018 was a great year for this gamer as he led his team iNvictus to victory at the ESL India Premiership 2018- Summer Season with some phenomenal gaming skills.

Player 4

Rex: Crazy rifle skills make this gamer a formidable foe

Tejas Kotian or Rex has made a name for himself in the competitive Counter-Strike scene in India.

The member of 2ez Gaming has had a phenomenal streak and is only improving his gameplay.

Rex has significantly improved his skills with various rifles both in the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist categories, which makes him a deadly opponent at all ranges of the game.

Player 5

AstaRRR: Reactions make him a Counter-Strike pro

Ayush Deora or AstaRRR is currently on a break from competitive Counter-Strike gaming.

Despite that, he made his way onto this list, proving how great a gamer he is.

Considered one of the most talented players in the Indian circuit, AstaRRR used to be a part of Brutality.

His mechanical gameplay coupled with his crazy reflexes makes him a deadly opponent to face in-game.

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Ayush Deora

Entity Gaming

ESL India Premiership

ESL India Premiership 2018- Summer Season





Indian Counter-Strike


Ishpreet Singh

Karan Mhaswadkar

Sabyasachi Bose

Tejas Kotian

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