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23 Jan 2019

#GamingBytes: Five reasons SMG is best weapon for PUBG Vikendi

PUBG delivers one of the most tactically intense Battle Royale experiences and its latest snow map Vikendi is a testament to the balanced gameplay it offers.

Despite introducing dynamic gameplay through footprint tracking system, Vikendi received criticism from gamers due to low assault-rifle spawn rates.

Now that developers have addressed this issue, here are five reasons why SMGs remain best weapon choices for Vikendi.

Changes developers are bringing to the game

Earlier the spawn rate of SMGs to ARs was 7:3. The developers will change this, not by flooding ARs, but by reducing the Tommy Gun spawn rate while introducing the new Bizon SMG. In addition, AR spawn rate will increase by 20% in the map.

Reason 1

Spawn ratios indicate you can loot SMGs faster than Assault-Rifles

The numbers do the talking.

Even after the revised spawn rate, you are more likely to come across an SMG or submachine-gun rather than an assault rifle.

This makes the trusty little killers an ideal go-to choice.

Developers stated that they wanted to keep Vikendi's gameplay unique by focusing on SMGs, so players would be wise to pick up a good SMG, early in-game.

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Reason 2

SMG attachments spawn more, making it better than other weapons

Not only do SMGs spawn more in Vikendi, but their attachments have higher spawn rates as well.

This ensures players, who pick SMGs, can quickly equip themselves to fullest potential, giving them a chance against lesser equipped assault rifles or DMRs.

This makes SMGs a go-to weapon in the early stages of the game and a solid choice, during the mid and end game.

Reason 3

Decreased level 3 armor will make SMG bullets more effective

Developers have already decreased the spawn rate of level 3 armor, including helmets and vests in Vikendi.

This makes SMGs more deadly against opponents. Using only 9mm and .45ACP rounds, SMGs are not as effective against level 3 armor, which requires at least 5.56 or 7.62 rounds to inflict damage.

Reducing spawn rates of level 3 armor increases chances of getting SMG kills.

Reason 4

DMRs and Sniper Rifles are not good choices on Vikendi

We have shown why SMGs are better than assault-rifles in Vikendi.

However, players might opt for DMRs or Snipers considering Vikendi's wide open spaces are excellent for long range shooting.

To address this, developers have reduced spawn rates of DMRs on the map.

While Snipers maintain earlier spawn rates, their attachments will be rarer, and high-powered scopes will be reduced, making sniper accuracy difficult.

Reason 5

SMG with 4x scope is best for short and mid-range

A lot of players must not like SMGs because they are mostly thought to be close quarter combat weapons.

However, a stable SMG with a 4x scope can be lethal in mid and even long ranges, depending on your weapon mastery.

Developers have thus increased spawning of 4x scopes to ensure gamers can utilize their SMGs to the fullest potential in varying combat ranges.

Which SMG should players choose for Vikendi?

Considering the various factors why SMG is the best weapon choice for Vikendi, this gamer feels that UMP9 would be the best SMG for this map, as it requires lesser attachments, has a high ammo capacity, and is incredibly stable over mid and long ranges.

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What gun is best for Vikendi?

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Which is the new map on PUBG Mobile?

Asked 2019-01-23 15:00:31 by Shaurya Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

Vikendi is the new snow map on PUBG Mobile.

Which is the best gun in PUBG?

Asked 2019-01-23 15:00:31 by Reyansh Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

M416 is the overall best gun in PUBG, adept at close, mid and long range engagements.

Which is better UMP9 or Vector?

Asked 2019-01-23 15:00:31 by Rishika Sengupta

Answered by NewsBytes

UMP9 is personally better for me since it requires lesser attachments, has higher bullet capacity and is almost as stable as the Vector.

What gun is best for Vikendi?

Asked 2019-01-23 15:00:31 by Aarav Jindal

Answered by NewsBytes

UMP9 would be the best gun for Vikendi, since developers suggest it spawns more and requires lesser attachments to be optimized.

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