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25 Jan 2019

#GamingBytes: Who are the world's five best 'Fortnite' players?

Fortnite by Epic Games has built a strong fan following in the Battle Royale community by constantly adding new and exciting content.

More importantly, aspects like building and destructible environments, make this game interesting. Recently, Fortnite has become a good eSports game as well.

With a seriously competitive gaming community vying for the Victory Royale, we look at the world's five best Fortnite players.

Player 1

FaZe Jaomock: Consistency is the name of the game

Brendan 'Jaomock' O'Brien is a member of the FaZe clan and one of the world's most recognizable professional Fortnite players.

Since the FaZe clan is globally one of the best teams, being part of it requires immense skill set.

Luckily, Jaomock brings this to the Battle Royale game. The consistent pro rarely has a game where he doesn't have an impact.

Player 2

TSM Hamlinz: Solid building skills and consistent kills

Darryle Hamlin or Hamlinz is a member of the TSM clan.

Like FaZe, TSM too is one of the globally recognized Fortnite teams.

Hamlinz brings a skilled building ability to his Battle Royale gameplay, making him a strategically sound team-mate to have.

Notably, he is often recognized as the second best builder in Fortnite, globally.

Moreover, he rakes up high numbers of kills in-game.

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Player 3

TSM Myth: Meet the architect in Fortnite

Ali Kabbani is known as Myth in gaming circles and is the captain of TSM.

He has also dubbed himself 'The Architect'. While this might come across as egotistic, he is undoubtedly the best builder in the game.

Having two great builders, gives TSM an immense advantage. Myth is also a famous streamer with over four million subscribers on YouTube.

Player 4

FaZe Tfue: Complete control, deadly accuracy sets him apart

Turner Tenney is better known as Tfue and started as a Fortnite streamer before joining the prestigious FaZe clan.

Tfue has one of the most unique styles in Battle Royale. He always remains in complete control of most of his firefights and encounters, which is a huge feat in Fortnite.

Coupled with insane shot accuracy, Tfue is one of the best Fortnite gamers, globally.

Player 5

Ninja: The undoubted king of Fortnite

Richard Tyler Blevins is known as Ninja. He is a celebrity streamer and the undisputed king of Fortnite.

Ninja is on second spot in the all time list of kills raked by Fortnite players.

His game procession and anticipation is so quick that he makes the difficult Battle Royale look simple.

Ninja wins almost one out of every three games he plays.

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What does TSM stand for?

Asked 2019-01-25 20:44:47 by Dhruv Jaiteley

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Team SoloMid is TSM.

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The official Epic Games site has the Fortnite game. You can download and play it there.

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Yes, Fortnite is available for Android and iOS.

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