Why 'Fortnite' is better than 'PUBG'?


03 Feb 2019

#GamingBytes: Five things 'Fortnite' does better than 'PUBG'

Fortnite or PUBG, there is only one question when it comes to fans of the Battle Royale genre.

Epic's take on the genre has given tough competition to PUBG Corp's intensely tactical game.

While both camps will always be divided and arguing over which game is the best, here we take a look at five things that Fortnite does better than PUBG.

Reason 1

Free to play: Greater accessibility to the Battle Royale

Fortnite is free to play, which cannot be said for PUBG.

Although both games include in-game purchases, the initial free option attracts more gamers to Fortnite.

Due to greater accessibility to the game, Fortnite has a stronger and larger fan community than PUBG.

Only by making the mobile version of PUBG free, did developers PUBG Corp. begin to give serious competition to Fortnite.

Reason 2

Content creation: Keep gamers coming back for more

There is a reason we keep saying that Fortnite is known for its new and exciting content.

Epic makes great efforts to ensure that the gamer base is hooked to the story that unravels within its Battle Royale.

The developers are clear about communicating their updates to the gamers. Most importantly, Epic usually has a story for each season, so gamers keep coming back.

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Reason 3

Animation makes the experience more fun

Battle Royale is ultimately a genre in gaming, and gaming should be a fun experience.

While the realism of PUBG makes the firefights more intense, Fortnite deliberately focuses on a cartoon-like approach.

This makes Fortnite an engaging yet light experience.

Furthermore, the addition of comical outfits and gliders for the character makes the overall Battle Royale experience more light hearted and suitable for all.

Reason 4

Destructible environment makes gameplay more interesting

Fortnite adds new dimensions to the Battle Royale genre with the addition of destructible structures.

This makes aspects like camping and ambushes much more exciting, as enemies just might gain the upper hand by shooting you through walls.

While PUBG is generally considered to be the more intense gaming experience, this feature definitely tips the scales in the favor of Fortnite.

Reason 5

Construction of structures: A whole new aspect to Battle Royale

Building structures give Fortnite an added dimension.

While the feature has never appealed to me on a personal level, these structures give gamers a height advantage or allow them to build defensive fortifications, making firefights much more interesting.

Notably, the structures require an assortment of materials which players have to gather during the game, making the looting process more intricate than in PUBG.

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