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04 Feb 2019

#GamingBytes: What are the five best guns in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile delivers one of the most tactically intense Battle Royale experiences on Android and iOS.

It enjoys immense popularity in Asian and Indian markets. However, winning a chicken dinner is not easy due to the extremely competitive gamer base.

Moreover, for mobile platforms, aiming is much harder, therefore weapon choices become important to gain an edge.

Read, five best guns for PUBG Mobile.

In context

Find out the best guns for PUBG Mobile

Gun 1

M16A4: Assault rifle doubling for long range engagements

The M16A4 is extremely stable in mid and close range.

The three shot burst option deals lethal damage to enemies.

If you aim your crosshairs towards the torso of the enemy, you can land all three shots on the opponent's body, potentially killing them.

If you use the single shot mode, you can easily make long distance shots up to 100 to 150m.

Gun 2

MK47: A mid range killer, a close range shredder

The MK47 Mutant is the recently introduced gun in PUBG Mobile.

Using 7.62mm ammo, it fires in two burst shots.

One of the primary concerns in mobile gaming is handling recoil since it is controlled on the touchscreen.

The MK47's stability in firefights, therefore, makes it an ideal choice.

If handled properly, this gun is just as effective across all ranges of engagement.

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Gun 3

SCAR-L: A balanced assault rifle to take into the game

The SCAR-L is one of the most stable assault rifles, available in the game.

It requires some attachments, like a vertical foregrip to improve accuracy for the longer shots.

However, if you want to use it for close and mid-range firefights, equip this gun with a holographic sight or up to a 4x scope.

Squeeze the trigger and watch SCAR-L tear enemies to shreds.

Gun 4

S12K: Blast them with a little bit of finesse

Since shotguns are low on accuracy anyway, they are only suitable for close range combats.

Therefore, it also makes shotguns an ideal choice early on in the game.

The S12K has the fastest firing rate among shotguns and can be fitted with various sights, muzzle attachments and magazines.

Be sure to pick this gun and get a few kills quickly in the game.

Gun 5

UMP9: The most trustworthy SMG in the game

The UMP9 is one of the best submachine guns (SMG) to use in PUBG Mobile.

It's naturally among the most stable guns. Furthermore, the ammo capacity can be increased to 40 bullets in the magazine.

Since aiming might be harder on mobile devices, players should opt for guns with higher ammo capacity, giving them a higher chance of hitting opponents while engaging in firefights.

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Will dp-28 be removed? When will Minigun come?

What scope is best for SMGs?

What is the best gun for PUBG?

What is best sniper for PUBG?

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More questions

Will dp-28 be removed? When will Minigun come?

Asked 2019-02-05 00:46:16 by Upayan Mazumder

Answered by NewsBytes

We have to wait for the developers to release the official patch notes before commenting on that.

What scope is best for SMGs?

Asked 2019-02-04 18:23:39 by Ananya Balasubramanium

Answered by NewsBytes

I would suggest a holographic or 2x, 3x scopes for SMGs. Although 4x can be fitted as well, SMGs are usually not as effective at that range.

What is the best gun for PUBG?

Asked 2019-02-04 18:23:39 by Aditya Balasubramanium

Answered by NewsBytes

M416 is the overall best gun for PUBG.

What is best sniper for PUBG?

Asked 2019-02-04 18:23:39 by Hansika Rangan

Answered by NewsBytes

AWM is the best sniper overall. M24 is the best naturally spawning sniper.

Can I use flare guns outside the play zone?

Asked 2019-02-04 18:23:39 by Aradhya Jhadav

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, but if you are outside the play zone, the flare gun will bring you a vehicle, not an airdrop.

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