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05 Feb 2019

#GamingBytes: PUBG Mobile update 0.11.0 brings Bonus Challenge, details revealed

PUBG Mobile is keeping its increasing gamer base hooked with new updates, ensuring the popularity of the tactical Battle Royale does not wane.

To this extent, we had reported about the host of changes that the upcoming update 0.11.0 is supposed to introduce.

Along with these, it is also bringing an additional Bonus Challenge.

Read all about how this new challenge will work.

In context

PUBG Mobile update to bring new Bonus Challenge


Bonus Challenge will let players access unique cosmetics

The Bonus Challenge will provide gamers the opportunity to convert their Battle Coins (BC) to Unknown Cash (UC).

In turn, this will allow them access to a host of unique cosmetic gear which includes various kinds of outfits and skins for weapons.

Notably, solo players have to register for the Bonus Challenge in a process that is similar to the previously introduced Crew Challenge.

Point system

Kills will grant players points in this new challenge

In order to enter the Bonus Challenge, players need either Bonus Challenge Vouchers or Unknown Cash.

They have the option to choose from three tiers: Novice, Adept, and Expert.

Upon killing enemies in the game, each kill will grant points to the players which they can then use in order to obtain either UC packs or use them on cosmetic items.

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Who can participate in the Bonus Challenge?

Gamers on Android, iOS and PC Emulators can be part of the upcoming PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge. As outlined, each match will have up to 60 players. Depending on performance in the game, there will be a top 30 list highlighting the best gamers.


Leaks reveal the points obtainable from each kill across tiers

According to reports, it appears that the point system for kills obtained will be elaborately based on the tier that players have selected.

In the Novice mode, each kill will award the player 15 points, the Adept mode will get them 30 points while the Expert mode will get them 45 points.

Each point will equal one BC, with earnings capped at 1,500.

Exciting times lie ahead for PUBG Mobile gamers

Along with the Zombie mode, this new Bonus Challenge is bound to pique the gamers' interest. We can hope to see a host of activity and a spike in competitive PUBG Mobile gaming from all members of the community, once the update rolls out.

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