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25 Feb 2019

#GamingBytes: Five best guns for Apex Legends

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment is the latest free to play Battle Royale that is taking the gaming community by storm.

While some are making claims that it might dethrone Fortnite as the king of this genre, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the game is gaining immense popularity.

Therefore, we bring you the five best guns to win in Apex Legends.

In context

Find out the best guns for Apex Legends

Gun 1

Mastiff Shotgun: Unstoppable in the right hands

The Mastiff Shotgun is extremely rare and one of the most sought after weapons in the game.

However, if you can pick up one of these, you will find it surprisingly effective even in mid range firefights.

When it comes to close range combat, the four round weapon deals 288 damage with a single shot to heads and is capable of eviscerating enemies.

Gun 2

VK-47 Flatline: Capable of eliminating opponents in several scenarios

The VK-47 Flatline has become a favorite among gamers.

This is not surprising considering the impressive accuracy and stability of this assault rifle.

With a high-fire rate and minimum recoil, the gun can be used for mid to long range engagements.

A single headshot can land 32 damage to the opponent, making it one of the hardest hitting guns in the assault rifle category.

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Gun 3

M600 Spitfire: The most practical light machine gun

The M600 Spitfire might not be as famous as the Devotion in the light machine gun category, among gamers.

However, this fully automatic gun is clearly the more practical choice.

With an accuracy that matches its fire rate, the M600 Spitfire can tear numerous opponents to shreds if used rightly, despite dealing relatively lower damage than the Devotion light machine gun.

Gun 4

Prowler Burst PDW: The highest damaging SMG

The Prowler Burst PDW has the highest damage dealing capacity among SMGs with headshots giving 21 damage.

This is unsurprising since it is a burst action SMG and can fire five shots in one go.

When fitted with an extended mag, a decent scope and placed in capable hands, this submachine gun has the capability to be a lethal killer in close quarters.

Gun 5

Kraber .50-Cal Snipers: Heralding a certainty of death from afar

The Kraber is a legendary bolt-action sniper rifle and an extremely rare find.

It is also one of the highest damage dealing weapons in the game.

A single shot to the head can take down any enemy irrespective of the armor they are wearing.

Naturally, if you are comfortable with using snipers, coming across this gun could mean game over for your opponents.

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Most asked questions

When did Apex Legends release?

What is Apex Legends a spin-off of?

What platforms is Apex Legends available for?

How to play Apex Legends for free?

More questions

When did Apex Legends release?

Asked 2019-02-25 11:51:49 by Vibhore Vyas

Answered by NewsBytes

Apex Legends released on February 4.

What is Apex Legends a spin-off of?

Asked 2019-02-25 11:51:49 by Reyansh Banerjee

Answered by NewsBytes

Apex legends is a spin-off of Titanfall 2.

What platforms is Apex Legends available for?

Asked 2019-02-25 11:51:49 by Saanvi Verma

Answered by NewsBytes

Apex Legends is available for Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

How to play Apex Legends for free?

Asked 2019-02-25 11:51:49 by Rakesh Gavde

Answered by NewsBytes

Apex Legends is free to play already, so all you have to do is install it and play.

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