Basic tips and tricks for PUBG beginners


12 Mar 2019

#GamingBytes: Five tips every PUBG Mobile beginner should remember

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the biggest 'Battle Royale' games played, across the globe.

Its immense popularity ensures that new gamers flock to it every day to try this realistic military combat.

However, newcomers might struggle against intensely competitive community of PUBG, which has quite a few experienced gamers.

We bring five tips for beginners, to help you win the chicken dinner.


All the ground realities you should remember

Most PUBG newcomers might be tempted to jump in areas with more buildings.

I did that my first time playing Fortnite. Do you know what happens? You get killed quickly.

Dense building clusters are high-action, high-risk areas due to great loot.

Unless you have good experience playing shooter games like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, we suggest you land in low-risk areas.


Remember the shrinking playzone

One of the difficulties new players face is coordinating gameplay while keeping an eye on the shrinking circle.

Often, newcomers forget about the playzone shrinks and sadly die outside.

The panel, at the top right of the screen, tells you the shrink time and the distance you need to travel.

Keep moving with time in hand, as distances in PUBG are realistically mapped.

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The red zone of death

Newcomers might not be familiar with red zones. Red zones are the areas, where bombs are going to start falling. If you see a building with a proper roof nearby, take cover. In absence of cover, run for your life and try to dodge bombs.

Looting for beginners

All about health, gear and guns

Newcomers, in PUBG, might have trouble with the realistic weapon play.

Go with SMGs and Assault Rifles. Personally, I find Vector, UMP9 for the former and SCAR-L, M416, for the latter, most controllable.

Stock up on health regeneration items. Bandages, energy drinks, and med-kits might win you more matches than bullets.

Try getting level 2 or level 3 armor to ensure longer survival.


Environmental awareness and movements can save you

PUBG engages sight and sound so turn your volume up and keep your eyes open.

We suggest newcomers start with Miramar, as spotting is easier.

Newbies often get scared when shot and go prone. Your enemy, probably, still has you in her sight, and going prone reduces mobility, increasing chances of death.

Run in zig-zag patterns, when shot, to survive open areas.

Check your surroundings quickly

Personally, I found it easier to play in the third-person mode as a beginner. However, players comfortable with first-person shooters can opt for it. While moving, it is recommended to quickly hit the 'ALT' button to check your surroundings by moving the camera.

Game direction

Survival not kills should be your motive

Yes, PUBG will need you to engage and kill enemies. However, if you are new to the game, don't go looking for firefights.

Land at the low-risk areas at the map's edge, as we recommended, and make your way inside.

Go stealthily, in cover. Surviving and going up till the top 10 is better than killing a few enemies and dying early in-game.

More gametime makes you perfect, my fellow newcomers

Most importantly, if you don't do well in your first few games, don't get disheartened. Keep playing solos, duos, and squads. With time, you will understand the game mechanics better, and hopefully, with a little luck and skill, you will get your first chicken dinner.

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