Who are the top Indian PUBG Mobile players?


13 Mar 2019

#GamingBytes: Five best Indian PUBG Mobile players

PUBG Mobile is one of the most tactically intense Battle Royale games.

The competition level gets higher in countries like India, where more players are logging in daily to prove they are deserving of the chicken dinner.

With such a large gaming pool, it is important to know the absolute masters of the game.

Read about five best PUBG Mobile gamers of India.

Gamer 1

MADDOG: Meet the hound from hell in Battle Royale

MADDOG is the leader of the ETG clan and the fearless gamer leads from the front.

With a solid fan base, under his leadership, the clan has participated and performed well in several PUBG Mobile tournaments.

An Ace Tier player, MADDOG boasts an excellent kill to death ratio across matches.

His stats set him apart as a clear pro at the game.

Gamer 2

8bit-Thuglife: Bringing the hood to the Battle Royale

Animesh Agarwal, from Guwahati, established the 8bit clan which is making a name for itself in the PUBG Mobile eSports community.

Going by the name of 8bit-Thuglife himself, Animesh is a team leader through and through.

Hours of training has made him a master of both the Third Person and First Person perspective modes.

The pro gamer often streams his gameplay on YouTube.

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Gamer 3

iMaZiK: Hands attuned to deadly accuracy on the emulator

iMaZik is a member of the GodL clan.

Despite making a name for himself in the PUBG Mobile gaming community, iMaZiK is primarily an emulator player.

However, that does not mean he is not as deadly on the mobile phone.

Recently in India Crew League, a Tencent organized tournament, he bagged a lot of kills, proving he is not one to be trifled with.

Gamer 4

Experiment: The God of first person perspective

Experiment is part of SOUL, one of India's best PUBG Mobile eSports clans.

Earlier a part of VOID clan, Experiment is known as the God of FPP.

Anyone who has played FPP on mobile will know how difficult the matches get.

Despite this, Experiment has 100 Royal Points, is an Ace Tier player and has a great kill to death ratio, proving his mastery.

Gamer 5

MORTAL: Introducing gamers to their in-game mortality

Fellow member of Experiment, in the SOUL clan, Naman Mathur from Mumbai goes by the name MORTAL.

The 23-year-old used to play Mini Militia where he honed his reflexes, before turning his attention to PUBG Mobile.

A Battle Royale conqueror, this Ace Tier player proved why he is one of India's best gamers, with accurate headshots leading to over 10 kill to death ratio.

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