Best high value loot locations in PUBG Miramar


27 Apr 2019

PUBG Mobile: Five best high value loot locations in Miramar

PUBG Mobile is an intense Battle Royale which tests survival and shooting skills.

When competing among 100 players, having high-value loot will give you an edge in battle.

While amateurs choose safe landings to survive the initial moments before killing enemies and looting them, pro gamers should start the game with high-value loot advantages.

Read about the five best high-value loot locations in Miramar.

Los Leones, El Pozo

The asphalt jungles of tough survival

Los Leones and El Pozo are the biggest cities in Miramar. Naturally, they are a hotbed of action for the numerous buildings offering high-end weapons and armor.

While both cities have multiple buildings which players should search, we suggest entering the grey stone walled buildings first. They usually spawn better quality loot.

Players should also try searching multi-storeyed buildings for a greater loot amount.


A gamble worth making in PUBG

Personally, Pecado is my favourite landing spot in Miramar, whenever I am in the mood for some action.

The sprawling buildings all offer good loot, but Pecado is famous for its casino. An magnificent multi-storeyed building, it has enough loot to see you through an entire match.

Its location also gives players a bird's eye view if they wish to camp and kill enemies.

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Campo Militar

Go off the beaten track

Miramar's military base, Campo Militar is a little way off the usual plane route.

However, it offers great loot across the many warehouse and barn-like buildings.

Once again, players are advised to hit green open barn-like structures and grey buildings first as they spawn better loot.

Due to Militar's distance, however, players have to loot quickly and make their way into the playzone.


For whom the bells toll

For players who want good loot but are afraid of too much action, the graveyard is a perfect spot.

There is a church right next to it, which should spawn some great weapons and armour.

The best part about the church is the bell tower, where players can camp and take out enemies at large distances if they pick up a good scope.


The center of all the attention

Chumacera is one of my favourite urban complexes located almost at the center of the map.

It has many sprawling buildings which offer high-level loot, weapons and plenty of ammunition.

Importantly, the roofs of high buildings offer good camping spots and since Chumacera is near the centre of the map, players can camp and kill enemies for a long time as the playzone shrinks.

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Campo Militar

El Pozo

Los Leones



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How about Hacienda Del Patron?

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Hacienda Del Patron is a great location as well. It is near San Martin, so the chance of getting loot, weapons, and vehicles, is doubled.

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