Upton makes controversial revelations regarding Sreesanth


03 May 2019

Paddy Upton accuses Sreesanth of abusing Rahul Dravid during IPL

The IPL has always been the hotbed of controversy.

In the same light, India's former mental conditioning coach, Paddy Upton has come up with some controversial revelations regarding the tournament, involving ex-Indian pacer S Sreesanth.

Upton recently launched his book named 'The Barefoot Coach', where he described several controversial incidents, even accusing Sreesanth of abusing legend Rahul Dravid.

Here are further details.

The story

Sreesanth got frustrated after being dropped against Mumbai

Sreesanth got frustrated after being dropped against Mumbai

Upton reveals that the incident happened during the 2013 IPL, when Sreesanth was dropped from the squad of Rajasthan Royals for the game against Mumbai Indians.

Sreesanth lost his cool and abused coach Rahul Dravid, which resulted in him being "sacked and send home for poor behavior".

Moreover, it was just 24 hours later that he got arrested over his alleged spot-fixing charges.

Sreesanth's poor behavior makes sense now: Upton

"The reason for Sreesanth's repeated poor behavior, which amongst other things included blurting out in front of the team that Rahul Dravid (captain) and I (Upton) could go and f**k ourselves in response for dropping him, now made sense," wrote Upton in his book.

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Sreesanth terms Upton a 'liar'

As per The Indian Express, when contacted, Sreesanth termed Upton a 'Liar'.

"He is such a big liar...I never said anything like that," said Sreesanth.

Meanwhile, Upton too told the media outlet that Sreesanth's outburst was out of the ordinary and being dropped from the squad cannot be considered a reason for such an outburst.


Sreesanth: "Feeling really bad for Mr. Paddy Upton"

Sreesanth: "Feeling really bad for Mr. Paddy Upton"

Sreesanth continued to say that the incident never happened, besides adding that he feels really sorry for Upton.

"I have always respected every individual I have played with. I had high regards for him till date. It is really disappointing to see this. I really hope he starts to at least respect himself and not sell himself to make other people happy," he said.

What's next?

Sreesanth awaits BCCI's decision on fresh quantum of punishment

Sreesanth has been embroiled in controversies since a couple of years.

The biggest blot remains his alleged involvement in a spot fixing scandal.

Notably, the Supreme Court had revoked his life ban earlier this year, and asked BCCI to consider a fresh quantum of punishment for him.

As of now, Sreesanth is no longer playing cricket. He has acted in a couple of films.

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When did Sreesanth last play for India?

Where does Sreesanth hail from?

Which other IPL teams did Sreesanth play for other than Rajasthan?

Has Sreesanth played the World Cup?

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When did Sreesanth last play for India?

Asked 2019-05-03 19:05:26 by Trishla Tata

Answered by NewsBytes

Sreesanth's last game for India was back in August 2011, during a Test against England.

Where does Sreesanth hail from?

Asked 2019-05-03 19:05:26 by Shreya Chauhan

Answered by NewsBytes

Sreesanth hails from Kothamangalam, Kerala.

Which other IPL teams did Sreesanth play for other than Rajasthan?

Asked 2019-05-03 19:05:26 by Trisha Singh

Answered by NewsBytes

Other than Rajasthan, Sreesanth played for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) in the IPL.

Has Sreesanth played the World Cup?

Asked 2019-05-03 19:05:26 by Angel Mukopadhyay

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, Sreesanth played the 2011 World Cup.

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