Which things could PUBG learn from H1Z1?


17 May 2019

#GamingBytes: Five things H1Z1 does better than PUBG

PUBG, also called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, gets its name from the creator, Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene.

Before PUBG, Brendan had worked on two other Battle Royale games, Arma and H1Z1.

Interestingly, Brendan brought forth the military tactics of H1Z1 to the more polished PUBG.

However, H1Z1 still enjoys immense popularity and does some things better than PUBG.

Here are five such things.

Game pace

Shooting over looting makes the pace exciting

Though Battle Royale games require mandatory looting, PUBG has often been criticized for its long looting periods.

Players spend a lot of time looting without encountering enemies and if unlucky, they can die immediately despite successful looting sprees.

H1Z1 gives an arcade-like feel with more action and less looting, by offering lesser weapons and attachments.

Notably, Blackout has opted for this approach.

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You could be gone in sixty seconds

Since both PUBG and H1Z1 include shrinking playzones, gamers often need vehicles to stay within the playable area.

While PUBG has a bigger map making vehicles more important, the vehicle spawn is lesser and unmarked on the map. This makes traveling difficult in-game.

H1Z1 not only has a smaller map and more vehicles but also has signs indicating where they can be found.

User Interface

Simplicity is efficiency in highly intense games

PUBG is notorious for its difficult looting and cluttered inventory system.

H1Z1, on the other hand, has a streamlined UI, including a radial menu which makes accessing weapons easier in highly intense situations.

Moreover, the game leaves the screen uncluttered, which is beneficial in accurately spotting enemies.

Notably, PUBG will be introducing a radial menu in its latest update.

Smooth gameplay

Smooth gaming experience is preferable over rich graphics

Gamers are willing to compromise on graphics for a smoother gameplay.

PUBG fails to understand this as it offers great visuals, but low frame rates.

H1Z1, contrarily, makes no attempt to match visuals of PUBG. However, the game provides higher frame rates.

This ensures smoother gameplay and gun handling.

The shooting mechanism, in PUBG, brings realism, but other things it should learn from H1Z1.

Training mode

Training is the key to successful Battle Royales

PUBG offers a competitive Battle Royale, which might be intimidating for beginners. Notably, the mobile version has introduced bots to ease beginners into the game.

However, H1Z1 takes the sensible route by including a combat training mode to help gamers familiarize themselves with game mechanics.

Importantly, this mode changes gameplay as dead players can keep respawning thus turning the traditional mode to a death-match.

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