Things 'CoD Mobile' takes from its PC version


02 Jun 2019

#GamingBytes: Things 'CoD Mobile' has in common with 'CoD PC'

With only a few days left in Call of Duty Mobile's global release, speculations are rife about how the game would fare.

Its beta version has been released for a select few gamers and based on their reviews, it is certain that the game is going to be fantastic.

Let us find out the features CoD Mobile has in common with its PC/Console version.

Battle Royale

Both games have a Battle Royale mode

Both games have a Battle Royale mode

There are a lot of games in the CoD franchise. To avoid confusion, I am going to talk about the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The game features a Battle Royale mode called Blackout that has a large map and allows players to play solo or in duos and squads.

CoD Mobile will have a similar Battle Royale mode featuring 100 players.

Zombie Mode

Both versions have their own zombie modes

A major difference between the two is that unlike the PC version, CoD Mobile will be free to play (it will have in-game purchases though).

Call of Duty has a famous zombie mode that allows players to kill hordes of zombies.

The mobile version also has a zombie mode but as of now, it is unplayable. It could release with the game's global debut.

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Single Map

Battle Royale versions have a single map with multiple locations

Battle Royale versions have a single map with multiple locations

CoD Mobile's Battle Royale mode will feature a single map with different locations. This is similar to its PC and console versions.

Notably, its competitor PUBG Mobile has multiple maps based on various themes including desert, forest, and snow.

But then again, CoD Mobile could come with the ability to revive team-mates using their dog tags. Interestingly, its collection of vehicles includes a helicopter!

Game Modes

'CoD Mobile' will feature some nostalgia-inducing maps

CoD Mobile's game modes can be played on a number of maps taken from the classic games.

According to the developers, "[the maps] feature a wide variety of new territory to explore, as well over a dozen settings from the previous Call of Duty titles."

Game modes include 'Domination', 'Team Deathmatch', 'Frontline', and 'Hardpoint' and can be played with 8-10 players in ranked/private matches.

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