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13 Jun 2019

#GamingBytes: Beat them all up! Best Fighting games for PC

This is the best time for fighting game enthusiasts because developers have finally started focusing more on PC based games.

Characters like Jin Kazama, Ryu, and Raiden that used to be console exclusives are now available on PCs as well.

The downside, however, is there are too many games.

But fret not, we will help you choose from among the best games available today.

Street Fighter

One of the best fighting games ever made

One of the best fighting games ever made

Street Fighter IV is arguably the best in the SF series. It has a huge collection of characters with moves that are easy to learn and use in combat.

Players will also like its sequel which can be played online and allows cross-platform gaming as well.

Street Fighter IV and V are available on Steam for Rs. 1,199 and Rs. 1,499 respectively.

Tekken 7

The cult classic that is finally playable on PC

Tekken 7 was released amid great fanfare and has only gotten better since then.

It has a fantastic roster of character including classics, new, and even characters from other franchises.

You can either go all technical and play with impeccable timing or simply mash buttons, one thing is certain- you're going to have fun.

The single/multiplayer game is available on Steam for Rs. 989.

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Dead or Alive 6

The game with possibly the skimpiest outfits

The game with possibly the skimpiest outfits

As you continue fighting in Dead or Alive 6, you can actually see your player take (quite realistic) damage and the slow-mo shots simply look great.

The female characters wear pretty skimpy clothes and some players could spend most of their money on buying new outfits. It can get a little boring though.

Dead or Alive 6 is available on Steam for Rs. 1,299.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Love the Dragon Ball series? You'll love this game

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a great game. It has all the ingredients of one right from the selection of characters to gameplay mechanics and fights that don't get repetitive.

It is easy to learn and has some DBZ inside jokes as well (like Yamcha's dying pose).

In typical DBZ fashion, flashy battles take place on the land and in the air!

Mortal Kombat XL

Fluid gameplay, Brutal moves, Fantastic roster

Fluid gameplay, Brutal moves, Fantastic roster

Mortal Kombat XL received rave reviews at launch. It re-imagined the series and somehow made it darker.

It can be played single-player, with friends, or online and has a free-to-play mobile-version as well.

In case you like more realistic graphics, you can opt for its sequel that released recently.

MK XL and MK 11 are available on Steam for Rs. 849 and Rs. 1,349.

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