Sachin Tendulkar sues Australian cricket bat manufacturer


14 Jun 2019

Here's why Sachin Tendulkar has sued Australian cricket bat manufacturer

Sachin Tendulkar has filed a lawsuit against an Australian bat manufacturer, after the company used his name and image for its business purpose, but failed to pay him $2 million royalty.

The lawsuit was filed against Spartan Sports International, a Sydney-based sports good manufacturing company.

The bats of this company were previously used by MS Dhoni, as Chris Gayle too uses it.

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$1 million per year deal with Spartan Sports International

$1 million per year deal with Spartan Sports International

According to Reuters, Tendulkar had stated that he signed a deal with Spartan Sports International in 2016, where the company agreed to pay him $1 million per year.

The deal involved using his image, logo and promotional services for the product called 'Sachin by Spartan'. It involved selling sports goods and clothing.

Tendulkar worked for their promotion in London and Mumbai.


No payment by Spartan to Sachin

The report also mentions that till September 2018, Spartan did not make a single payment to Tendulkar.

While Tendulkar made a formal request, there was still no payment, thus forcing him to end the agreement, while he urged them to stop using his name.

However, the company continued to use Tendulkar's likeness for their promotional products.

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Spartan representatives haven't commented

Reuters had reached out to legal representatives of Spartan, including COO Les Galbraith, but there has been no comment from either of them. Meanwhile, Tendulkar has accused them of misleading conduct and breach of contract. However, he did not mention the damages sought.

Current stint

Tendulkar currently in England on commentary duty for World Cup

Tendulkar currently in England on commentary duty for World Cup

While further details are sure to emerge in the coming days on the issue, Tendulkar is currently busy in England.

As of now, he is enjoying his first commentary stint in the ongoing ICC World Cup in England.

Tendulkar also holds the rank of group captain in the Indian Air Force, while he is also an Honorary Member of the Order of Australia.

What is Spartan Sports?

According to the company's website, Spartan Sports is an international company, which is engaged in the business of retailing a wide range of sports products and equipment to sports enthusiasts throughout the globe. Their activities involve product design, along with development, manufacture and delivery.


Dhoni too was a victim of non-payment

At the start of 2019, Dhoni too reportedly became a victim of non-payment.

Between 2013 and 2016, he was supposedly paid only four installments of the contractual amount of Rs. 20 crore, leading to a rift between the two.

As a result, Dhoni discontinued using the logo on his bat and other products, while he currently sports the logo of SS Cricket.

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How old is Sachin Tendulkar?

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