How to pre-register for 'PUBG Lite'


20 Jun 2019

#GamingBytes: Here's how Indian gamers can pre-register for 'PUBG Lite'

PUBG Lite will prove to be a boon for players with low-end PCs, owing to its optimized graphics and gameplay.

Pre-registrations for its beta are live in India from June 20 (on the official website) and will end on the 7th of July.

The news was announced via PUBG Lite's official Facebook page.

Read on to know more about the upcoming game.


'PUBG Lite' is similar to 'PUBG' but optimized for all

The PC and console versions of the game require high-end machines.

This is one of the reasons why PUBG PC has fewer players than PUBG Mobile.

Addressing the issue, Tencent is now launching PUBG Lite, a game with similar gameplay and optimized graphics that is reportedly free-to-play.

Notably, its beta version is already available in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, and Bangladesh.


A dedicated gaming PC is not needed anymore

A dedicated gaming PC is not needed anymore

PUBG Lite's minimum system specifications required are Intel Core i3 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM, DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000, and 4GB HDD space.

Recommended specifications are- up to Intel Core i5 2.8Ghz processor, 8GB RAM, at least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7870 and 4GB HDD space.

This game can even run on your PC's integrated graphics without putting any unnecessary strain on it.

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How to

Here's how you can pre-register for 'PUBG Lite'

Click here to visit the official website.

Once there, login (or register) using your email and password. Facebook accounts can also be used to log in.

In case you're registering a new account, a confirmation email will be sent to your id.

Once logged in, click on "Participate Event" and a popup message saying "You have registered in this event" will appear.


Pre-registration will enable players to earn rewards

Pre-registration will enable players to earn rewards

While the release date of PUBG Lite has not been announced yet, it is rumored to get launched on June 25.

Pre-registering before July 7 can help players earn some decent rewards in the form of outfits, weapon/parachute skins, and various other items.

The rewards will be delivered through email on July 11, so make sure you double check your email address!

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