Decoding the weird rules of cricket


25 Jun 2019

Five weirdest rules of cricket

Cricket is a gentleman's game. It is also called the game of glorious uncertainties.

While it is one of the most popular sports in the world, just like every other game, it has a wide list of rules.

However, some of the rules are so weird that they don't even make sense.

In the same light, we look at some of those rules.

Cap rule

No dismissal off the cap

No dismissal off the cap

Starting the list is the Cap Rule.

The rule suggests that if a player takes a catch after the ball has come off his shirt, cap or any other clothing equipment, it is considered as a part of the ground.

Also, if the ball hits any clothing of a player and is claimed a catch by some other player, it stands as Not Out.

Hitting foreign object

Dead ball on hitting a foreign object inside the boundary

Involvement of foreign objects has always led to a dead ball in cricket.

Previously, if the ball used to hit a tree inside the ground, it was declared dead.

Nowadays, if the ball hits the cam, it is declared dead.

Also, the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, has a roof, and if the ball hits the roof, as expected it is declared dead.

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Calling batsman back

Opponent team can call back a dismissed batsman

In one of the weirdest rules, a dismissed batsman can be called back by the opponent team, even if he has been declared out by the umpire.

Although this is rare, it mostly happens when the opponent team believes that the batsman was dismissed under controversial circumstances.

In such a case, the fielding team can ask umpires that they are withdrawing the appeal.

Five off helmet

Five runs penalty for hitting a helmet on the field

It has been often noted that the wicket-keepers tend to keep their helmet on the ground behind them.

It is done so that they don't have to get it from the dugout every time.

However, in case the batsman hits the ball and it hits the helmet placed, the umpire awards five penalty runs.

It is done to ensure a boundary was not obstructed.

Mandatory appeal

It is mandatory to appeal for a dismissal

It is mandatory to appeal for a dismissal

Dismissals happen when following the dismissal procedure, the on-field umpires or the third umpire give their verdict on the same.

However, there is a weird rule that the fielding team has to appeal in order to make the umpire give his decision.

In case the appeal is not made, the umpire is entitled not to raise his finger right away.

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