WWE: Top moments in 2019 so far


01 Jul 2019

WWE: Ranking the top moments of 2019 till now

The year 2019 is past its halfway mark.

Meanwhile, WWE came up with some interesting concepts this year, as the promotion also achieved certain new records.

As it plans to keep entertaining the fans in the remainder of the year, it would be wise to look back at the year so far.

Here, we analyze the top moments of 2019.


The 24/7 title seems weird, but it is interesting

The WWE Universe was shocked with the introduction of the 24/7 title, which has to be defended 24 hours a day.

While fans did not like the concept initially, it has now gained immense popularity.

With superstars winning the title anywhere and then losing it in a matter of seconds, the 24/7 title is here to stay.


Handing Brock Lesnar the most powerful WWE contract

Fans were both shocked and disappointed to see Brock Lesnar winning the Money in the Bank. Notably, this gives him a guaranteed title shot.

However, since Lesnar is a part-time performer, this contract suits the promotion, as it adds the uncertainty of where he would like to cash it in.

A top moment, as it is keeping the fans engaged about Lesnar.

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Crowing a full-time Universal champion

The WWE fans were fed up of seeing a part-time Universal Champion like Lesnar.

Allowing Seth Rollins to slay the beast at WrestleMania 35 and crowing a full-time champion was the best thing that WWE did this year.

Not only it has revived the credibility of the title, but fans are now seeing their favorite star as the champion. It has boosted the ratings.


Booking a female main event at WrestleMania

When WrestleMania was first introduced, hardly anyone thought that women wrestlers would headline at the Grandest Stage.

However, all that imagination became reality when, this year, WWE finally decided to put women in the main event of the show.

Moreover, allowing crowd favorite Becky Lynch to win did take WWE to a new level, making it a top moment of this year.


Introducing the Women's Tag-Team Championship

The fans were relieved to know that the much-awaited WWE Women's Tag-Team Championship was finally introduced this year.

With Bayley and Banks being crowned the inaugural champions, fans accepted it with open arms.

However, making them lose the title at WrestleMania 35 did was a setback, especially for Banks, who has since not appeared in WWE.

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Becky Lynch

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Brock Lesnar Fight

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Brock Lesnar Versus Seth Rollins

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Who is the current 24/7 champion?

Asked 2019-07-01 15:49:21 by Abhinav Rangan

Answered by NewsBytes

R-Truth is the reigning 24/7 champion.

How old is Brock Lesnar?

Asked 2019-07-01 15:49:21 by Surabhi Rathore

Answered by NewsBytes

Lesnar is 41-year-old.

Who is Becky Lynch dating?

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Becky is currently dating Seth Rollins.

Has Sasha Banks quit WWE?

Asked 2019-07-01 15:49:21 by Anika Jain

Answered by NewsBytes

No, Sahsa is still contracted to WWE.

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