WWE: Biggest backstage brawls of all time


02 Jul 2019

Five real-life backstage brawls that shook the WWE Universe

WWE has always been considered one of the best forms of sports entertainment.

Most of the times, the in-ring action is scripted. However, there are quite a few incidents where passion overpowers the scripted storyline.

Further, there have been numerous instances where superstars got involved in real-life brawls.

In the same light, we take a look at five biggest incidents.

Commentator's curse

A commentator gets the better of JBL

A commentator gets the better of JBL

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) was one of the most foul-mouthed superstars.

During a tour of Iraq, JBL was reported to have been drinking a lot, while he provoked commentator Joey Styles with harsh words.

While other superstars ignored JBL, Styles did not, as he brawled with him before others intervened.

However, he still managed to punch JBL, leaving the latter with a black eye.

Khali vs Show

The battle of the giants

Big Show and The Great Khali were considered two of the giant wrestlers in WWE.

Khali, meanwhile, had copied a move of Show, which he happened to execute properly than the latter.

As Show confronted Khali backstage to stop using it, Khali denied.

The two exchanged real-life punches, before Show used a chair to make Khali trip over it.

Show later accepted his defeat.

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Jericho vs Lesnar

Y2J confronts The Beast

Y2J confronts The Beast

After Brock Lesnar had busted open Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2016, Chris Jericho went to make sure the latter was all right.

Meanwhile, Lesnar confronted Jericho and asked him to mind his business.

As Lesnar pushed Jericho, they both went at it before Triple H separated them.

However, they continued again before Vince McMahon intervened them this time.

Nonetheless, there were no real winners.

Batista vs Booker T

The King reigns supreme

While Batista had a successful career with WWE, he also had a bad attitude.

When he first left WWE, he kept ranting about the dwindling ratings of SmackDown and considered himself the best.

As Booker T confronted him, they debated for five minutes, before exchanging blows for 30 seconds.

However, Booker got the better of him and was praised for shutting Batista up.


The Hitman knocks out the chairman

The Hitman knocks out the chairman

The number one is a no-brainer. Post the Montreal Screwjob, things had to get ugly between Bret Hart and Vince.

Vince was prepared for it as he went to Bret's locker room.

Bret said that he is going to take a shower, and once he comes back if Vince is still there, he would punch him.

Vince didn't move, as Bret knocked him out.

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How old is Bret Hart now?

Asked 2019-07-02 13:29:03 by Cheshta Rodrigues

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Bret Hart is 62-year-old.

When did the Montreal Screwjob take place?

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The Montreal Screwjob happened at Survivor Series 1997.

Where is Batista now?

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Batista has retired from professional wrestling and is a Hollywood superstar.

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No, Big Show has not retired yet.

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