These PUBG Mobile settings ensure smoother gameplay


22 Jul 2019

#GamingBytes: Five PUBG Mobile settings for smoother gameplay

In intense Battle Royales like PUBG, players are competing for chicken dinner in solos, duos or squads. Among 100 players, there is nothing worse than losing a game due to lag.

We have all been frustrated when buildings and enemies have not rendered on our screens till it was too late.

However, optimizing your mobile settings using these five ways will ensure smoother gameplay.

PUBG experience across devices

If gamers have high-end phones or tablets, there is no need to tinker with the settings. PUBG should run smoothly. However, for mid range and low range devices, it is best to optimize settings to not put pressure on the device and ensure smooth gaming.

Gyroscopic controls

Ease of gun control might cost processing speed

PUBG Mobile allows gyroscopic controls, which essentially means that tilting the screen helps players aim in-game.

While the mastery of gyroscopic control dissuades several players, it has another drawback.

Gyroscopic controls affects the processing speed, so if you run a mid or low range device, we suggest turning off the gyroscopic aiming in favour of traditional aiming.

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Graphics and in-game performance

One of the most important settings is graphics. Most gamers sacrifice a superior graphics experience in favour of smoother gameplay.

You should set your graphics to allow rapid scoping and firing without lag. This is crucial to surviving in PUBG.

The game offers a smooth, balanced, HD and Ultra HD settings. In case of any lag, we recommend sticking to smooth or balanced settings.

Smoother running

Realism and frame rates or chicken dinner, you decide

The game style offers classic, colorful and realistic modes. However, certain gamers might experience lags if they enable these.

The smoothest gameplay is possible by selecting 'no style' option. Sure your game does not look as good, but it feels better to win the chicken dinner.

Frame rates too can cause lag, so unless you have a good device, opt for lower frame rates.

Let your device do the hard work

Gamers can choose to optimize game settings automatically. The game analyzes the device's specs and optimizes accordingly. However, sometimes the optimization might not be perfect, which will require gamers to manually adjust a few settings if they want smoother running of the game.


Can your fingers play the symphony of destruction?

There are no fixed sensitivity settings that suit all devices.

Since devices can range from big screened tablets to small screened phones, it is best to know what to expect of optimum sensitivity settings.

Optimally, placing your finger on the centre of the screen and swiping in either direction should give you a slightly larger than a 180-degree view.

Set your sensitivity accordingly.

Audio effects

How does sound affect game speed?

The audio settings do not affect gameplay experience much. However, we do recommend turning up all in-game audio to the maximum levels.

This will help you detect enemy movement by hearing footsteps.

If the game lags, however, we recommend turning off the team chat in-game. Having the mic on, can take up processing power and slow down gameplay.

One last ditch effort for smoother gaming

If your game still lags despite these setting changes, please clear your cache files and reopen PUBG. Another thing players can do is check which server they are on. The auto matchmaking might put them in servers which are not regional, resulting in poor ping.

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