WWE: Couples who wrestled each other


13 Aug 2019

WWE: Here are some on-screen couples who wrestled each other

WWE is the best form of pro-wrestling, and the promotion being the global leader proves it.

Although it portrays all types of matches, inter-gender matches are rare in WWE.

Notably, there are a number of on-screen couples who have made a huge impact.

On the same note, we take a look at the couples who wrestled each other.


Chris Jericho struggles to fight off against Trish Stratus

In 2003, Christian and Chris Jericho decided to put a bet to score against Lita and Trish Stratus, respectively.

However, then Raw manager Eric Bischoff decided to put both in an inter-gender tag-team match.

Meanwhile, Jericho had real feelings for Trish, as he struggled to fight against her.

And, Christian took the charge and secured the win, as Trish and Jericho split up.


Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae battle it out in indies

The duo Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae is one of WWE's power couples.

While they are dominating NXT currently, before their arrival in WWE, they were a force in the independent circuit.

One time, Candice challenged Gargano for the World Championship in Smash Wrestling.

As expected, she did lose. However, she took Gargano to his limit, proving that she is an in-ring legend.

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A blindfolded love story

A blindfolded love story

They were one of the trashy couples in WWE.

During Noble's match against Tajiri, Nidia was blinded, courtesy Tajiri's Green Mist.

While Noble was initially sympathetic, he turned on her after she cost him the match.

After Nidia regained her sight, Noble challenged her to a blindfolded match at No Way Out pay-per-view, where he made her tap out.


Kanellis couple fight for 24/7 Championship

Now, this cannot be counted as a proper match exactly.

However, Mike Kanellis did pin his wife Maria to win the 24/7 Championship.

Much like a pregnant Maria had forced Mike to lose to her for the championship, he tricked her as the referee made the count while she was lying down during her OBGYN appointment.

Weird, but still stands as a match.


Triple H overcomes Stephanie McMahon's challenge

Triple H overcomes Stephanie McMahon's challenge

Now, this is one for the ages and the weirdest of all.

Known as the most powerful couple of WWE, they had split-up on-screen during 2002.

Meanwhile, Hunter put his Undisputed WWF title on the line against her, while it also involved Jericho in a triple-threat match.

Nonetheless, the main competition was between Hunter and Jericho as the former retained the title.

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