PUBG Mobile: The best loot locations in Erangel


24 Aug 2019

PUBG: Five high value looting locations in Erangel

The tactical Battle Royale, PUBG requires players to take advantage of whatever edge they can get among 100 players.

The competition is especially fiercer in Erangel as longtime loyal and professional gamers prefer the original grassy death trap to the sandy landscapes of Miramar.

To survive a battle in Erangel, players need to pick up high-grade loot.

Here are Erangel's high-value loot locations.


Fight enemies with a military ruthlessness

Sosnovka is difficult to access, due to its location at the southernmost part of Erangel.

Unless the battle plane takes that route, players might have a hard time getting to and out of the island. Notably, the playzone shrink usually excludes the island early in-game, as well.

However, the derelict military base provides a treasure trove of loot including SCAR-L, M16 and military-grade armor.


The battleground for top looting

Georgopol lies towards the northwest coast of Erangel. The area has numerous shipping containers offering military-grade armor, assault rifles, and snipers.

The vehicle spawn in this area is high as well, in case players need to make quick getaways.

On the downside, it always has enemy squads and sees a lot of firefights.

However, both loot quantity and quality make it worth the risk.

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The lives of the tunnel rats

The best part about Erangel's bunkers is that they cover a large area and are connected underground. Thus players who enter it once, can loot peacefully without the threat of stray enemies killing you.

More importantly, bunkers offer great loot including military-grade armor, top assault rifles, and snipers.

However, players going underground must be prepared for close quarter combat if they run into enemies.

Mylta Power

Bring on the power to your game

Mylta Power is on Erangel's east coast and is close to more popular destinations like Novorepnoye, Prison, and Mansion. Thus gamers often ignore this spot.

However, Mylta spawns some military grade gear though the quantity is not high, making it an ideal drop location for solos or duos.

Hit the big, rectangular green building's roof before clearing out warehouses for a successful looting session.

Pochinki, School

Some destinations are popular for a reason

Pochinki and School are two of Erangel's most infamous drop locations.

Situated near the map's center, these places allow players to loot and camp for quite a long time as the playzone shrinks.

If squads need a lot of loot, hit these places. Notably, neither place spawns much military grade loot, but level 2 gear and decent weapons are easy to come by.

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