Ravi Shastri to increase Yo-Yo Test passing mark


10 Sep 2019

Shastri wants to make Yo-Yo Test more difficult: Here's why

Ravi Shastri has enjoyed a decent stint as Team India's coach since 2017, and it bore fruit as the BCCI decided to re-elect him this year.

Following his re-appointment, Shastri is looking to further improve the Indian cricketing standards, as the latest move, suggested by Shastri, is to increase the passing mark of the Yo-Yo Test.

Here are further details on this.

Yo-Yo Test

What is Yo-Yo Test?

What is Yo-Yo Test?

The Yo-Yo Test is an aerobic exercise, which usually falls under the category of endurance training.

Developed by Danish football physiologist Jens Bangsbo, the test involves players running between two cones, set apart 20 meters on level ground.

The player starts on a beep and has to reach the second cone on the next beep, before returning back prior to the third beep.

Passing mark

Shastri to increase Yo-Yo Test passing mark to 17

The current passing mark of Yo-Yo Test to be eligible for the national team's selection is 16.1.

However, as per the latest report in Mumbai Mirror, the new passing mark would be 17, as Shastri would conduct a meeting regarding the same.

"Fitness is integral to participation at the international level and the minimum qualification will be 17," said a source.

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New passing mark to be effective from South Africa series

New passing mark to be effective from South Africa series

As far as the implementation of the new rule is concerned, it is being believed that the change would be effective from the South Africa series, starting September 15.

Although the squad for the T20Is has already been announced by the BCCI, players would still be required to undergo the test.

Failure to clear it could also lead to last-minute changes in the squad.


Shastri eyes key changes under his tenure

Following his re-appointment, Shastri said that he would be looking to make more changes in the team, by selecting more youngsters across formats, and also bringing in fresh bowlers to the side.

"My endeavor by the end of this tenure would be to leave the team in a happier space so that they can set a legacy in the time to come," he added.

Author's take

Increasing passing eligibility for Yo-Yo Test a welcome move

Increasing passing eligibility for Yo-Yo Test a welcome move

While critics might think that increasing the passing mark of the Yo-Yo Test to 17 is a harsh step by Shastri, the author firmly stands by him.

Increasing the endurance limit would result in better performance, as this would allow the players to increase their fitness and stamina.

Fitness is an integral part of modern-day cricket and this step would help Team India.

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