Essential 'Fortnite' tips everyone must know


13 Oct 2019

#GamingBytes: Five essential 'Fortnite' tips for beginners

Fortnite by Epic Games has captured the Battle Royale genre of gaming by storm.

Immensely popular due to the new and exciting content it keeps adding, this game attracts new players every day.

With mounting competition, beginners might find it difficult to win the Victory Royale.

Therefore, we bring five essential tips that every Fortnite beginner must remember during their first Battle Royale game.

Tip 1

Keep an eye on the shrinking circle

The Battle Royale can be overwhelming for newcomers as they have to balance multiple tasks like looting and surviving among 100 gamers.

However, it is essential to keep an eye on the shrinking map size. If players happen to be caught too far outside the play zone, it might lead to death.

Thus time your runs into the playzone and survive the Battle Royale.

Tip 2

Pick up a variety of weapons and health items

When looting in Fortnite remember to pick up various kinds of weapons which will allow you to engage in close, mid and long ranges.

Thus try to pick up a shotgun, assault rifle and sniper combo to cover your bases.

Further, always pick up health items so you can revive yourself during the course of the game if you take damage from enemy fire.

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Tip 3

Shields are your best friend in helping you survive

Shielding up is one of the first things you should do on the Battle Royale grounds.

Consuming a shield potion allows the shield bar to get depleted instead of the health bar when you come under attack. Therefore, think of the shields as your armor, protecting you from damage.

In absence of shields, you will likely die a quick death if you enter gunfights.

Tip 4

Collect resources for building structures

Fortnite adds a dynamic aspect to the Battle Royale experience with the addition of building.

This option allows players to build structures which offer them defensive or tactical advantages in gunfights.

To this end, it is advisable if players gather resources like bricks, wood, and metal immediately after landing so that they can build these structures when they need to, during the game.

Tip 5

Be mindful that drops will kill you in the game

Although Fortnite might boast of a cartoon-like graphics and the player movement in the game might seem animated, some aspects of the game still stick to reality.

For example, drops from great heights can severely deplete your health even killing you in-game.

Thus, newcomers must remember that although the game allows a lot of leeway in terms of physics, drops can still kill you!

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