No funds to organize IPL matches?

03 Mar 2017 | By Vijaya
SC ruling a roadblock for IPL?

The upcoming edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) could be in trouble going by the recent meeting of IPL committee and the staging associations.

The staging state associations conveyed their inability to conduct the matches as the BCCI has not yet released their part of the fund contribution.

If the situation continues the 10th edition of IPL could very likely be hampered.

In context: SC ruling a roadblock for IPL?

FundingFeeding the mammoth IPL

Each IPL staging state association receives Rs. 60 lakh per IPL match. Half of this comes from respective IPL franchises and the other half from BCCI.

This is used to for matches, practice, ground preparation, ground staff, etc,.

The associations for the past few years have been getting an advance from BCCI with rest of the money coming in the later course of event.

21 Oct 2016SC ruling on fund distribution to state associations

As per the Oct 2016 Supreme Court ruling, BCCI's financial powers were curtailed as long as the cricket board along with its state associations do not comply with Lodha committee recommendations.

SC also directed BCCI to not disburse funds to the state associations until the implementation of Lodha reforms.

Lodha panel, appointed after 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal, recommended sweeping administrative reforms for cricket.

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03 Mar 2017No funds to organize IPL matches?

Decision rests with the SC

03 Mar 2017Decision rests with the SC

The BCCI funds for state associations currently stand blocked due to the SC ruling.

Despite the initial ruling, the SC had granted relief in specific cases allowing BCCI to release funds to State associations for hosting matches including India series against New Zealand, England, and Bangladesh.

It is to be seen if the court would give another order directing release of funds yet again.