Pawar- Srinivasan meet to decide BCCI presidential course

24 Sep 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Former board chiefs N Srinivasan and Sharad Pawar held a surprise meeting in Nagpur trying to decide and strategize for the BCCI presidential battle.

Srinivasan and Pawar's meeting came as a shock to those watching the BCCI power struggle as they have been pegged against each other.

The two foes-turned-friends met at the Central Minister and NCP leader Praful Patel's residence.

In context: Who will wear the BCCI President's crown?

Dalmiya's demise starts the race for BCCI head

Jagmohan Dalmiya's death on 21 September 2015 started the run-up for the next BCCI president.

Introduction What becomes of BCCI presidency?

BCCI constitution in case of a President's premature exit, calls upon the secretary to convene a SGM within 15 days to elect the President.

At least one full member of a zone (whose President's term was cut short prematurely) then nominates the President; this year it will be the East Zone.

This President "who is so elected shall hold office till the next elections"

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Anurag Thakur to run BCCI till SGM

Till BCCI's Special General Meeting is convened to select Dalmiya's successor, Anurag Thakur who is the board secretary will run the BCCI's affairs.
Srinivasan: The kingmaker

22 Sep 2015Srinivasan: The kingmaker

With at least 10 votes in an electorate of 30 in his kitty, N. Srinivasan (ex-BCCI and current ICC chief) will play a major role in the current BCCI elections.

5 out of 6 units from South, 3 from East and 2 from North units are expected to back Srinivasan.

Srinivasan has staunch backers at the divided Cricket Association of Bengal as well.

22 Sep 2015Anurag Thakur: Unofficial head of anti-Srinivasan club

The anti- Srinivasan group is expected to give some competition in the coming elections.

Anurag Thakur who is the board's secretary is the second most powerful man after Srinivasan.

He served as the de facto BCCI head due to Dalmiya's illness, which could be viewed as a positive.

However, his alleged autocratic ways and unchecked power has ruffled a few BCCI feathers.

22 Sep 2015East Zone pushing for Chaudhary as President

Amitabh Chaudhary of Jharkhand is being pegged as the favorite candidate from the East Zone for the post of BCCI President.

The East Zone officials held an informal meeting with each other and allegedly concluded that the next President "should be someone from their own zone."

A senior East Zone official said "Atleast, four East Zone units will back Chaudhary's candidature."

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23 Sep 2015Will it be Rajeev Shukla or Sharad Pawer?

Both Mumbai Cricket Association head Sharad Pawar and Congressman Rajiv Shukla seem to be facing each other at the upcoming BCCI elections.

Shukla is expected to get Srinivasan's backing, but may not be the consensus candidate.

Even Sharad Pawar will "need outside support to mount a serious challenge."

Rajiv Shukla is also strongly backed by Arun Jaitley, whose vote is of extreme significance.

24 Sep 2015Pawar- Srinivasan meet to decide BCCI presidential course

4 Oct 2015Shashank Manohar crowned as new BCCI president

Since, proposal of no other candidate was put forward, Shashank Manohar was crowned as the new BCCI president.

This is his second tenure as president in BCCI. The first term was from 2008-09 to 2010-11.

His selection may wear out the prowess of N Srinivasan, who is the current chairman of BCCI, because the latter faced blunt opposition by Manohar during the IPL scandal.

5 Oct 2015Manohar's reformation plan for BCCI

Newly elected BCCI-President Shashank Manohar has talked about cleaning the organisation's image in the coming 2 months; he will also work to restore the faith of cricket-lovers.

He stated about formulating rules regarding interest conflicts, corruption in game, transparency and proper investment of funds.

He even talked about reviving the National Cricket Academy, introducing more spinners, and strengthening contracts for women cricket team