Major recommendations by ICC Cricket Committee

27 May 2017 | By Rishikesh Malkhede
ICC Cricket Committee's meeting

International Cricket Council's Cricket Committee met in London for an annual meeting and recommended some major changes in the game.

Chaired by Anil Kumble, the meeting was attended by several other former cricketers from around the world.

Let us have a look at the changes suggested by the committee, which might help cricket's popularity to grow all over the world.

In context: ICC Cricket Committee's meeting

27 May 2017Major recommendations by ICC Cricket Committee

DRSCommittee recommends DRS for T20 internationals

One of the major changes that the Cricket Committee of the ICC recommended was to introduce the Decision Review System in the shortest format of the game.

While the DRS is available for tests and ODI matches, it has not made its debut in the T20 cricket.

Use of DRS in T20 matches was proposed to support the use of technology in cricket.

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Other changes in the DRS

The committee recommended that a team should not lose their review if the LBW review comes back as the umpire's Call. If this suggestion is incorporate, top-up of reviews in Test cricket, which happens after every 80 years, would be removed.
Implementation of test championship

Greater context to TestsImplementation of test championship

The cricket committee unanimously suggested to implement the test championship in order to give a new direction to the international cricket.

Anil Kumble said, "The committee unanimously recommended that context in the international game is paramount and we welcome the new structure."

Apart from the test championship, the committee also pushed for inclusion of cricket in the Olympics.

Power to umpiresPlayers to be sent off the field for misconduct

The committee suggested to give more power to the on-field umpires to send a player off the field in case of a serious misconduct.

The recommendation was similar to the one made by the Marylebone Cricket Club to make use of the red cards, like in football, in case of a serious misconduct or violence on the field.

What next?

The recommendations of the committee will be sent to the ICC's Chief Executives Committee. If the changes are approved by the committee, the new changes will be brought into effect from October 1.