Footage shows Venus Williams not at fault

08 Jul 2017 | By Rishikesh Malkhede
Venus Williams's involvement in the fatal car crash

In a recently acquired surveillance video by the Florida police, it has come to light that Venus Williams entered the intersection 'lawfully' before her car was involved in a crash leading to death of a 78-year old man.

The video footage of 9th June also shows that her car was hit by another car, which later resulted in a crash with the third car.

In context: Venus Williams's involvement in the fatal car crash

BackgroundPolice blame Venus for the fatal car crash

Venus Williams was found at fault in a car crash in Florida on 9th June, while she was trying to drive through an intersection, but slowed down due to traffic.

This led to another car bumping into the passenger side of her car, killing the driver's husband Jerome Barson, on 22 June due to internal bleeding, a fractured spine and internal organ damage.

Lawsuit against Venus Williams

An auto negligence lawsuit was filed against Venus Williams by the estate of the man who died in the car crash, asking for monetary damages and a jury trial.
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08 Jul 2017Footage shows Venus Williams not at fault

What did the police say on new evidence?

DetailsWhat did the police say on new evidence?

In a statement, the police said, "It has been determined the vehicle driven by Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal, and attempted to travel north through the intersection to Ballenisles Drive."

They added, "She (Williams) then continued north, in accordance with state law, before another car collided with her vehicle"

What next?

The police said that no criminal charges have been filed against anyone, the case is still under investigation. Venus Williams is presently in London, playing the Wimbledon Championships.