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09 Jul 2017

Know the rules of Pro Kabaddi League!

Everything you need to know about Pro Kabaddi!

The fifth season of the Pro Kabaddi League is all set to start from 28th July.

The cash rich tournament will have 12 teams this year, 4 more than the last season.

Even though, the popularity of Kabaddi has increased over the years, most of the fans are still unclear about the rules. In this timeline, we will look at rules of the game.

In context

Everything you need to know about Pro Kabaddi!

The team composition

In the league, each team is allowed to have minimum 10 players and maximum 12. While 7 players take the field, other 5 players are substitutes. It is also mandatory for every team to have 3 overseas player in the playing seven.

Raids and points

How are the points scored?

The match is divided into two halves of 20 minutes each, with a break of five minutes between them.

A raider gets one point for putting out a player from the other team. If he puts out all the members of the opposition, two extra points are awarded to his team.

However, if he gets caught, the opposition gets one point.

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Super Tackle

The opposition gets one additional point if they catch the raider with three or less players on the ground. This is called a 'Super Tackle.' And, if raider is able get three or more points during a raid, it is called a 'Super Raid'.

Baulk Line

Is every raid legitimate?

A raid is considered legitimate only if the raider crosses the 'Baulk Line', which is 3.75 meter away from the mid-line between the two teams.

If he manages to go beyond the Bonus Line, which is one meter beyond the Baulk Line, the raider is awarded with one extra point even if he fails to touch any of the player of the opposition.

Technical points

Can a team get points without any raid?

After a raider reaches back in his court, the opposition needs to send its raider within five seconds else one technical point is awarded to the other team, and the team also loses the chance to raid.

Apart from this, if two raiders enter the opposition's court, then the opposite team gets one technical point and the other team loses a raid.

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