Decoding the football transfer process

23 Jul 2017 | By Rishikesh Malkhede
How do 'Football Transfers' work?

The summer transfer window has created a lot of excitement and impatience amongst the football fans all around the world.

While many are excited to see who who will join their their favorite teams this season, there are quite a few who still don't understand completely how so the football transfers work.

In this article, we take you through the entire process.

In context: How do 'Football Transfers' work?

23 Jul 2017Decoding the football transfer process

Step 1- Scouting

The first step of the process is scouting, wherein talent scouts keep a close eye on the players and create a database of their performances throughout the year. The data is available to all the clubs.
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Making a demand

Step 2Making a demand

Based on their team needs, the managers shortlist the players they need and also request their scouting team to find a suitable player.

The managers not only analyze the player's professional record, but they also give importance to his personal life and work ethics.

After a lot of work, an agent or an intermediary makes an offer to the selling club.

A free agent

If a player has decided to leave his club even, he asks his agents to find if any other club is interested in him rather than other way around. He becomes a free agent in this case.

Step 3The acceptance

After the agent from the buying club makes an offer to the selling club, it is first checked if the player is willing to leave and if the club is willing to let him go.

If yes, then the next steps take place.

If the team is not willing to sell the player, the exchange doesn't move ahead.

In case of more interest in the player?

If two or more clubs are interested in the same player, it is on the current club of the footballer as to which clubs would be given preference.
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Step 4Transfer fee

It is basically the amount of money paid by the buyer club to the seller club to acquire services of the footballer.

The club also has to pay to other people like the player's parents, the agent, a third party, stadium administration, tax authorities and many others.

The offer is made based on player's earlier fee, age, ability, position and other teams' interests.

Step 5 - The Medical

Given that millions are at stake for the club, a player has to undergo a medical test for the buyer club to confirm that there are no hidden injuries.

Step 6Clauses and terms of contract and signing

After the player is found physically fit by the medical expert, the final stage awaits.

The terms and clauses of the contract are finalized. The contract covers all the future possibilities regarding the new relationship.

After both the parties have agreed upon the transfer terms, the player is signed in front of the press with the team giving the player his official jersey.