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22 Aug 2017

Mexico: Authorities rescue 115 migrants kept in deplorable conditions

As Donald Trump is tightening immigration stipulations in the US, Mexican police is reported to have rescued 115 migrants including 41 minors from the Veracruz state in Eastern Mexico.

The migrants were reportedly traveling in a truck 'in deplorable conditions'.

This comes after a sad incident where eight migrants were found dead inside a tractor-trailer outside Walmart in San Antonio, Texas.

In context

US: Trump's immigration rhetoric and Central American migration

Migrants rescued in Veracruz

Rescued from Playa Munecos in Veracruz, the 115 migrants included 18 girls, 23 boys, 19 women and 55 men.


Central American migrants in the US

A number of migrants from Central American countries including Guatemala and Honduras seek to enter the US through Mexico, in search of better economic opportunities.

Intending to avoid immigration officials at the US-Mexico borer, they travel in large groups in trucks through Mexico.

Trump's border wall rhetoric and tighter immigration control has further encouraged many of them to attempt this dangerous trial.

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Illegal immigration from Central America: Figures

Illegal immigration from central America is triggered by factors including poor socio-economic conditions and gang violence. As of August 2016, 369,411 migrants originating from the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) were apprehended at the US-Mexico border, including children unaccompanied by parents.

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