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22 Aug 2017

Chinese media: PLA live fire drills meant to awe India

Adding fuel to the fire around Doklam standoff has become a hobby of sorts for Chinese media.

Ultra-nationalist papers including Global Times has reported that the Chinese PLA was conducting fire drills in the western sector of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) "to strike awe in India".

It was accompanied by a video footage of military drills involving air and ground troops.

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Live fire drills: Is China preparing for war?

16 Aug 2017

Chinese transgression in Ladakh: Indian troops foil incursion attempt

Indian and Chinese troops were engaged in a slightly violent quarrel at Ladakh as India celebrated its 71st Independence Day.

According to reports, Indian troops clashed with the People's Liberation Army, who tried to transgress into Ladakh, at the Pangong Tso lake at the border.

The scuffle comes amid heightened tension around the ongoing Doklam standoff and reportedly caused minor injuries on both sides.

Context: Doklam standoff

Indian and Chinese troops have been engaged in a standoff along the LAC in the Doklam region, near the Sikkim border. Both have accused each other of transgressing into the other's territory and have mobilized troops in mass numbers.

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Doklam standoff: Why is China conducting frequent live fire drills?

PLA has been conducting a number of exercises in the Tibetan plateau amid the Doklam standoff.

These are intended towards sharpening its skills and testing out new equipment including its new light-weight tank which recently completed trials in Tibet and is suitable for deployment in plateaus.

While these could just be part of routine military activity, the tense situation makes it alarming for India.

Ladakh scuffle may have worsened the situation


Ladakh scuffle may have worsened the situation

The Ladakh scuffle, resulted in minor injuries irking both sides. The video that surfaced further showed an Indian soldier kicking a Chinese soldier, angering China.

While both sides are prepared for war, China's most recent fire drill seems to have been prompted by the Ladakh incident, and signals for the need of urgent de-escalation, in the interest of long-term peace.

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