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24 Aug 2017

12 killed after record-setting Typhoon Hato hits southern China

At least 12 people have been killed and several others are missing after southern China was hit by one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded.

Typhoon Hato is a maximum category 10 storm, the strongest since 1968, said government broadcaster TDM.

A civil servant said the city of Macau, where eight people were killed, looks like "it was just in a war."

In context

Powerful Category 10 Typhoon Hato hits Macau

Hato devastated Hong Kong, left 34 injured

On August 23, Hato struck Hong Kong, where it uprooted trees, flooded streets and forced hundreds of flight cancellations. Financial trading was halted. Around 34 people were reportedly injured in Hong Kong, which hasn't been hit by a category 10 typhoon since five years.


Macau battered with 200-kmph winds, causes power cuts

Buildings across Macau were battered with winds in excess of 200-kmph, breaking doors and sheets of glass.

Nearly half the city, home to an estimated 600,000 people, experienced power cuts after water system pumps were severely damaged.

However, Macau's large casinos operated normally but many were running on back-up generators.

Typhoon Hato has been downgraded to a tropical storm and is expected to weaken.

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