Controversial Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka exits White House

26 Aug 2017 | By Abheet Sethi

A White House official said Sebastian Gorka, one of US President Donald Trump's most publicly visible aides, is no longer part of the Trump administration.

The official didn't elaborate whether Gorka was fired or he resigned.

Gorka is a "fringe right-wing figure with questionable foreign policy and security credentials," the Guardian reported.

His exit follows the dismissal of controversial chief strategist Steve Bannon.

In context: Sebastian Gorka, latest Trump aide, to quit administration

19 Aug 2017Trump's controversial chief strategist Steve Bannon exits White House

On August 19, the Trump administration lost yet another top aide.

Embattled White House chief strategist Steve Bannon exited the administration after months of clashes with senior Trump aides.

It remained unclear whether he was fired by Trump or resigned.

Bannon helped shape Trump's "America First" campaign message and advocated for the travel ban on citizens of certain predominantly-Muslim countries.

26 Aug 2017Controversial Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka exits White House

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Reports: Chief of Staff John Kelly behind Gorka's exit

The recently appointed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly forced out Gorka, according to the New York Times. Kelly was reportedly also the reason for Bannon's dismissal.

OutrageGorka's views on Islam attracted widespread criticism

Gorka previously wrote on national security issues on the controversial alt-right publication Breitbart news.

His views on Islam earned him fierce criticism. Gorka vocally defended Trump's attempts to temporarily ban citizens of certain predominantly-Muslim countries.

He had also defended Trump's silence following a bomb blast at a mosque near Minneapolis, suggesting it may have been a "fake hate crime."

DetailsGorka's presence in White House denounced by liberals

Gorka served as deputy assistant to the president, advising him on issues of national security.

However, his responsibilities remained vague and his presence in the White House was long condemned by liberals and progressives.

Civil rights groups had called for a dismissal of Gorka and Bannon following the violent Charlottesville white supremacists rally.

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights welcomed Gorka's long-overdue exit.