America's new take on fighting ISIS

11 Jun 2015 | By Siripriya
 America’s changing game plan to fight ISIS

In its new strategy to fight the Islamic State, the US government is outlining to set up a new military base in the Anbar Province in Iraq.

The Obama administration will also send 400 American military trainers to help Iraqi forces retake Ramadi city.

Ramadi is expected to be the cynosure of the campaign to regain Mosul, the 2nd largest city of Iraq by 2016.

In context: America’s changing game plan to fight ISIS

10 Sep 2014 Obama unveils strategy to combat ISIS

Obama's new strategy hovered around making allies locally in Iraq and launching ground offensives aimed at the ISIS territory.

The ground campaign was to be supported by airstrikes. This strategy had worked well in N. Iraq and it was time to expand it.

The major change in the policy was the expansion to Syria. Earlier the air warfare was limited to Iraq.

What is ISIS?

ISIS or the Islamic State pledged its allegiance to al-Qaeda in 2004. "They want complete failure of the government in Iraq. They want to establish a caliphate in Iraq."
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 America goes back on “boots on the ground”

8 Nov 2014 America goes back on “boots on the ground”

Going against his pledge to not have military on the ground, Obama ordered deployment of 1,500 troops to Iraq to fight the ISIS forces.

However, the Pentagon said that these troops won't be used for combat.

Troop levels in Iraq would soon stand at about 3,000.

America will furbish $3.4 Bn "to support ongoing operations" including military advisers, intelligence collection and ammunition.

11 Feb 2015 Obama proposes ‘force’ against ISIS

Almost six months after the president approved using force against the ISIS, the White House was ready to ask Congress for formal permission to continue the effort.

The president's proposed congressional authorization for military force against ISIS was released.

It placed a three-year time limit the operation and did not authorize the use of ground forces.

20 May 2015 Obama calls for a change in strategy

The fall of Ramadi to ISIS on 17 May made the Obama administration seek newer strategies to combat the ISIS in Iraq specifically.

The focus is turning to "training and equipping" the Sunnis in Iraq to contest the Islamic State.

Commissioning Sunnis is important as the ISIS itself is an extremist group led by Sunnis.

11 Jun 2015 America's new take on fighting ISIS

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Obama admits America’s strategy is ‘incomplete’

The new strategy to combat ISIS comes two days after Obama admitted that the US forces lacked a "complete strategy" for training Iraqi forces to fight Islamic State militants.