Donald Trump: Bar entry for Muslims to US

8 Dec 2015 | Written by Gaurav ; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa

Donald Trump stirred controversy by saying that Muslims should be temporarily banned from entering the US.

The statement made by his campaign team does not give details of whether the proposal would affect American Muslims and tourists or immigrants.

This is the latest in a series of Donald Trump's racial slurs that have created a flutter in the US media.

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Who is Donald Trump?

Donald John Trump, Sr. is an infamous American business magnate, television personality, author, investor and 2016 presidential candidate known for his extravagant lifestyle. His net worth is $4 billion.

16 Jun 2015Mexico sending drugs and rapists to US

Donald Trump took the world by surprise by announcing himself as the 2016 presidential candidate on 16 June.

But what came as a bigger shock were his accusations against Mexico for sending rapists and other criminals to the US.

Trump further blamed the Mexicans for getting drugs and crime across the border and said that he was only one who could counter this.

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19 Nov 2015Track Muslims for national security

In an interview with Yahoo News, Donald Trump stated that Muslims in America could be "tracked" in a database by giving "special identification based on their religion".

He added that "warrantless searches of Muslims and increased surveillance of mosques" could be conducted as well.

His arguments were that national security comes first and that "we will have do things we have never done before".

Why is Trump targeting Muslims?

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks in November, concerns over the rise of Islamist extremism was at an all time high in Europe and the United States contributing to Trump's xenophobia.

23 Nov 2015'Blacks' kill 81% of white homicide victims

In yet another racially charged statement, Donald Trump tweeted an image depicting 'San Francisco Crime Statistics' that stated that 81% of white homicide victims were killed by African Americans.

The numbers are not supported by officials at the San Francisco Crime Statistics Bureau.

On 22 November, an African American activist was kicked and punched by voters at a Donald Trump rally held in Alabama.

Republicans criticise Trump

The Chair of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus said Trump's statements "were not helpful" while George Pataki a Republican Presidential candidate said he "rejects" and "denounces" Trump's racial remarks.
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Consequences Consequences for Trump

Trump's comments have had a severe impact on his business.

Soon after his campaign announcement, Spanish TV network Univision and NBC canceled their contract for Trump's programs including Miss USA, The Apprentice and Miss Universe.

The Macy's departmental store dropped the "Trump" clothing line from their inventory.

Analysts speculated that his comments would also significantly affect the Republicans' Hispanic vote banks.

Some support for Trump

Ted Cruz, a fellow Republican came out in Trump's support, “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that.”

8 Dec 2015Donald Trump: Bar entry for Muslims to US

23 Apr 2016Donald Trump goes after Indian call centres next

Indian call centres became Donald Trump's next target during his address in Delaware.

While he mocked the call centres in a fake Indian accent, he said India was a great place, and asserted that he wasn't angry with Indian leaders.

He rebuked the American policies that allow business to be ripped out of the US to China, Mexico, Japan, and India.

3 May 2016Pakistan reprimands Trump: We're not a US colony!

Pakistan rebuked Donald Trump's recent comments where the US Republican nominee had said that he would force Pakistan to free a jailed Pakistani doctor "in two minutes".

The doctor- Shakil Afridi is believed to have helped the CIA hunt down al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said "contrary to Mr. Trump's misconception", Pakistan wasn't a US colony.

11 Jun 2016Trump says China the 'biggest' abuser

Donald Trump in his latest speech called China the "biggest and best abuser".

He blamed China of dumping its cheap goods into the US, for theft of intellectual property,and the imposition of hefty taxes on US companies.

Trump said he believed in free trade, but it should be fair and hit out at other countries including Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Iran.