BRICS Summit 2017: What's on PM Modi's agenda?

03 Sep 2017 | Written by Anupama Vijayakumar; Edited by Abheet Sethi
PM Modi to raise terrorism at BRICS summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leaving for Xiamen, China today to attend the 9th BRICS summit. He is expected to raise terrorism as a major issue.

Indicating its dislike for the prospect, Beijing has already conveyed its objection towards discussing Pakistan's role in harboring terrorists.

MEA sources also indicated a possible Modi-Xi Jinping meeting on the sidelines of the summit.

What's on Modi's agenda?

In context: PM Modi to raise terrorism at BRICS summit

03 Sep 2017BRICS Summit 2017: What's on PM Modi's agenda?

China speaksChina tells India not to raise Pakistan terror at BRICS

China has indicated that it would object any discussion during the upcoming BRICS summit about Pakistan harboring terrorist groups.

Beijing is worried that PM Modi might raise this issue there.

"We also noticed that India, when it comes to Pakistan's counter-terrorism, has some concerns," said Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson. "I don't think this is an appropriate topic to be discussed at BRICS summit," she added.

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What is BRICS?

IntroductionWhat is BRICS?

BRICS is the acronym for a federation of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Initially, only four countries were grouped as "BRIC"; South Africa was inducted into the grouping in 2010.

The BRICS countries together make up over 3.6 billion of the world's population, committing approximately 40% to the global GDP and 18% of the world trade.

Fast growing economies

All BRICS member nations are leading newly industrialized or developing countries. They are all distinguished by their large and fast-growing economies. All five members are also G-20 members.

India at BRICSIndia's counter terrorism agenda at BRICS

India has been utilizing international forums including the UN to exert international pressure on Pakistan to curb the menace of cross border terrorism.

At the 2016 Goa BRICS summit, Modi had termed Pakistan, "the mother-ship of terrorism."

Speaking at a recent BRICS meet, union minister V K Singh further argued that "there are no good or bad terrorists, but only those who threaten peace."

3 days in China and a trip to Myanmar

Modi is scheduled to be in China attending the BRICS summit from September 3-5. He will then depart to Myanmar and return to India on September 7.