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04 Sep 2017

"Smart vests" to turn Bangkok's dogs into mobile surveillance units

A Thai advertising agency has, in theory, come up with a way to turn Bangkok's street dogs into guardians of city.

Cheil advertising agency has proposed the use of "smart vests" to turn each dog into a mobile surveillance unit. However, rigorous testing is still needed.

The agency is a subsidiary of global electronics giant Samsung Electronics.

In context

Stray dogs for surveillance in Thailand?

If people feel safe, street dogs will have a place

"It will make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for the communities," said Pakornkrit Khantaprap, a member of Cheil advertising agency's team responsible for coming with the idea.

The features of the proposed smart vest

Smart vests

The features of the proposed smart vest

Cheil advertising agency undertook the project in March 2017, and it took them about five months to come up with prototypes.

The proposed smart vests will be equipped with sensors and a hidden video camera that will stream live videos whenever a dog barks.

The video can be viewed through computers of smartphones with the help of an app.

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Pro-street dog group welcomes the initiative

Considering Bangkok's stray dog problem, adoption of such tech would enable the dogs to serve a function.

Despite Thailand enacting an Animal Welfare Law in 2014, there are still widespread incidents of violence against street dogs.

Phuket-based NGO Soi Dog Foundation, which has been around for a decade and looks out for opportunities to save stray dogs in Thailand, welcomed the initiative.

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