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07 Sep 2017

Furore in China after young pregnant woman kills herself

Chinese woman kills herself for being denied caeserean

On August 31, a pregnant young woman in China jumped from her hospital window after her family allegedly refused permission for her to undergo a caesarean section despite her being in severe pain.

She as well as the child died.

The incident has triggered a furore on social media over bureaucratic procedures often curtailing an individual's freedom to decide on their own healthcare.

In context

Chinese woman kills herself for being denied caeserean
What happened?


What happened?

According to doctors at the Yulin Number One hospital in Shaanxi province, a 26-year-old woman surnamed Ma, 41 weeks pregnant, was suffering "unbearable" pain.

They also estimated a vaginal delivery would be very risky, "but the family were not willing".

Her husband surnamed Yan disagreed; he said he was anxious and had asked doctors to find someone "familiar with caesarean procedures".


China is actively pushing against caeserean section

Caesarean sections were earlier favored in China, but after the one-child policy was abolished in 2015, women are being encouraged to avoid it.

This is due to risks associated: a caesarean can cause a ruptured uterus or a low-lying placenta.

Mao Qun'an of the National Health and Family Planning Commission said, "Women need to consider that caeserean could affect their second pregnancy."

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Anger on social media over the incident


Anger on social media over the incident

Social media users are angry over Chinese law that mandates family's permission for major surgical procedures.

"A pregnant woman knows her own situation, why isn't her own signature enough?" asked FreedomMarciaLeyuan.

Wuli Laotiaotiao thinks "the family should be regarded as murderers"; Liuxingbo says "they should be sentenced".

Jinling_xiaoxiao_sheng said sarcastically, "It is wonderful that Chinese patients have no rights to make their own decisions."

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