Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico


21 Sep 2017

Hurricane Maria leaves whole of Puerto Rico without power

The US territory of Puerto Rico was bludgeoned by Hurricane Maria weeks after being devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Officials said Maria has left the island, home to at least 3.5 million people, without electricity.

Pointing to a worrying situation, the US National Hurricane Center stated that "catastrophic flooding was sweeping parts of the island."

Let's see what's happening on the ground.

Hurricane Maria's trail of destruction

Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm on record to make landfall in Dominica, left 7 people dead on the island and caused widespread devastation. In Guadeloupe, at least two people were killed. Large-scale damage to houses was reported from St.Croix in the US Virgin Islands.


How did Hurricane Maria affect Puerto Rico?

Maria is the most powerful storm on record to hit Puerto Rico in over a century and has left the whole of Puerto Rico with no power.

As per reports, damage to property in the capital city of San Juan was limited to a few ripped roofs and fallen trees.

A clearer picture will only emerge once damage from more remote areas is assessed.

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Governor declares curfew to avoid accidents

While no deaths have been reported so far, Ricardo Rossello, governor of the Puerto Rico has declared a curfew. This is partly being done to prevent people getting into accidents caused by fallen electric lines and debris on the streets.

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