China expels French journalist over 'inappropriate' stories

27 Dec 2015 | By Gaurav
Freedom of the press in China

China has expelled L'Obs magazine's Journalist Ursula Gauthier accusing her of writing "inappropriate" stories on China's Uighur militancy.

Lu Kang, a spokesperson for China's ministry of foreign affairs said, "Gauthier failed to apologize to the Chinese people for her wrong words and it is no longer suitable for her to work in China."

Gauthier will have to leave China by December 31.

In context: Freedom of the press in China

Introduction The state of press freedom in China

The government is heavily involved in the media in China, and the largest media organizations, the People's Daily, Xinhua and China Central Television are all owned by the government.

Taboo subjects include the Tibet government, legitimacy of the Communist Party and "unapproved" coverage of matters of Chinese national security and interest.

Reporters without Borders accuses China of being the world's largest "jailer of journalists".

China ranked 176/180 in press freedom

Reporters Without Borders, an organization that ranks countries based on their press freedom has ranked China 176 out of 180 countries in the world for the dismal press freedom record in 2015.
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8 May 2012Al-Jazeera shuts english language ops in China

Al Jazeera has closed its English-language bureau in Beijing after authorities refused to renew the press credentials of its correspondent Melissa Chan.

Reports accuse the government of withholding the renewal of her press pass due to Al-Jazeera's coverage of forced labor camps in China.

A spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry said, "journalists should abide by Chinese laws and regulations while reporting in China."

26 Oct 2012China blocks NYT website

Chinese authorities blocked access to the website of the New York Times after the newspaper published an article regarding financial misappropriation by Premier Wen Jiabao's family.

Justifying the move, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said "It's (NYT) trying to blacken China's image and has ulterior motives."

The New York Times has criticized the decision by Chinese authorities, accusing them of violating press freedoms.

31 Dec 2012NYT correspondent denied visa, forced to leave China

A correspondent for The New York Times, Chris Buckley, was forced to leave China, after the authorities declined to issue him a visa for 2013.

Buckley worked as a correspondent in China since 2000, but was denied a visa renewal without being given reasons.

The visa troubles come amid government pressure on foreign news media over investigations into the finances of senior Chinese leaders.

9 Dec 2013Bloomberg, NYT reporters denied Chinese visa renewals

The Foreign Correspondents' Club of China, issued a statement alleging that not a single reporter from Bloomberg or the New York Times were issued visa renewals for 2013.

The statement added that the Chinese government declined to give reasons behind the move.

FCCC alleged authorities were increasingly using the denial of visas, or delays in their approval, in an effort to influence journalists' coverage

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25 May 2014Foreign journalists given video-taped lectures on reporting

Chinese authorities began a crackdown on foreign journalists in the run-up to the 25th anniversary of the Tianamen Square massacre.

Foreign journalists were summoned by public security officers to be given video-taped lectures on "appropriate" reportage of the event.

Many reporters were warned of serious consequences if found deviating from the prescribed coverage.

The FCCC has taken up the matter with the United Nations.

12 Nov 2014Xi Jinping defends expulsion of foreign journalists

President Xi Jinping defended China's move to not renew the visas of certain foreign journalists stating that the move was in accordance with China's interests.

In a rare news conference with American and Chinese journalists, he stated that foreign journalists working in China "need to obey China's laws and regulations."

Journalists and activists have condemned his remarks as an "unjustifiable" infringement on press freedoms.

27 Dec 2015China expels French journalist over 'inappropriate' stories