Emergency meeting in Britain as floods cause havoc

28 Dec 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

British PM David Cameron convened an emergency meeting as flooding in northern England brought cities like York and Leeds to its knees, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes.

Hundreds of flood warnings have been issued, 24 of which are 'severe'.

Another 200 soldiers have been sent to Northern England, taking the number to 500, while additional 1,000 remain on standby.

In context: Britain's fight against raging floods

26 Dec 2015Boxing Day marred by floods

England, Scotland and Wales endured relentless flooding caused by repeated heavy rains on the Boxing Day.

The authorities issued 355 flood alerts in all and more than 30 "severe" flood warnings were issued.

Hundreds of residences had to be vacated after the water broke flood barriers and streamed into the streets.

The government's emergency response teams congregated by telephone to coordinate and send rescue-teams.

Astronaut describes the magnitude of British floods

Highlighting the British flood's scale, Tim Peake, who is the first British astronaut on the International Space Station, wrote on Twitter: "Passed over the UK today - thoughts are with all those affected by flooding in northern England."
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27 Dec 2015El Nino and climate change the real culprits

Atmosphere scientists have noted that the floods in Britain, the record-breaking cold in the US and fires in Australia are all inter-related and the real reason behind these occurrences is the climate change.

The scientists in their simulations found that the floods were most likely caused by the El Nino effect (it occurs once in 6-7 years due to unusually hot waters).

27 Dec 2015Britishers enraged as Britain is sending aid to others

There was an outrage all over Britain for the people thought that government was squandering cash on foreign aid

Around £12 billion a year was spent on overseas aid, and not on anti-flood schemes ( including £1billion to 20 most corrupt countries like North Korea).

Flood-hit residents said the aid should have been spent to make sure that England was ready to tackle floods.

27 Dec 2015The worst is not over yet

Adding to Britain's fears, the weather department has forecasted "a third of a month's rain due to fall on Wednesday."

By midweek, Britain will get hit by 70mph gales of winds from the West.

The areas that are already saturated with rain will be at a higher risk of more flooding as 4.7in (120 mm) rain is expected.

Initial analysis pegs damage at £1.3 billion

While experts have advised that it is too soon to calculate losses caused by Storm Desmond and Storm Eva, the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers announced that a primary analysis showed that losses could run as high as £1.3 billion.
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28 Dec 2015Emergency meeting in Britain as floods cause havoc