Hotel in Dubai catches a ghastly fire

1 Jan 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

The Address Downtown hotel, which stands a couple of blocks from the majestic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest hotel/tower, was immersed in flames across several floors with sirens wailing and helicopters hovering overhead to contain it.

The fire started a few hours before midnight-9:30 pm and quickly spread upwards across almost 12 floors.

At least 16 people were injured in the ghastly fire.

In context: A fiery affair: Dubai skyscrapers in flames

18 Nov 2012Tamweel Tower in Jumeirah catch fire displacing hundreds

In November 2012, the Tamweel Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers was engulfed in fire.

The fire left hundreds of residents displaced and destroyed several apartments. Falling debris smashed at least 4 cars and a playground near the towers.

Flames from falling debris caused most of the balconies to also catch fire, and the wind caused the fire to spread, pushing the flames inside buildings.

23 Feb 2015Dubai's Torch towers catch fire

The 50th floor of the 79-storey Torch in Dubai – a 336-metre-high skyscraper caught fire in the early hours of the morning.

The blaze which caught everyone off-guard was extinguished by firefighters in two hours after its outbreak.

Chunks of metal and glass rained down from above which led to officials diverting the traffic in the area and hundreds to be evacuated.

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Tallest residential building till 2011

When built in 2011, the Torch Towers held the title of world's tallest residential building in the world.

24 Nov 2015Fire in central Dubai disrupts metro services

A huge conflagration engulfed three residential blocks in central Dubai and the severity of the fire caused the metro line being suspended

The fire which broke out in the Al-Shamsi buildings in the Deira neighbourhood resulted in no casualties but kept the officials on their toes for hours trying to contain it.

Social media showed the entire neighbourhood covered in black smoke.​

1 Jan 2016Hotel in Dubai catches a ghastly fire

1 Jan 2016Cause not known yet!

Officials on the spot said the fire "began in the middle of the hotel, then went down like lightning before shooting up again" and 4 teams had to deployed to contain it.

They also said that one person had got a heart-attack because of the panic that ensued after the fire.

The government ordered a probe to look into the cause of the fire.