3 held for Temixco Mayor's murder

4 Jan 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Mexican mayor shot a day after taking office

In connection with Temixco's newly-inaugurated mayor's murder, the authorities arrested 3 people, including a minor (who have links to a crime gang of the area) in the gang-troubled central Mexican city.

The flags on state buildings were directed to be flown at half-staff by Morelos Governor Graco Ramirez and he called for a three-day mourning following the killing of Mayor Gisela Mota.

In context: Mexican mayor shot a day after taking office

Introduction Temixco's history of violence

Temixco, about 60 miles south of Mexico City and near Cuernavaca (the most violent city in Mexico).

Several officials and mayors have been targetted by cartels and gangs for decades in order to seek control, as corruption among leaders and police has plagued Mexican states.

In 2014, more than 40 students were kidnapped in the area (they are still missing).

2 Jan 2016Mayor of Temixco gunned down

Gisela Mota, the newly elected mayor of Mexico's Temixco region, a left-of-center former member of Congress, was gunned down hardly 24 hours after she took oath of office.

Mota had pledged to clean up crime and wrap up the drug cartels in the region when she took office.

Furthermore, she'd agreed to lead a "single command" coordination scheme which grouped municipal and state police.

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100 Mayors lose life to organised crime

According to the reports of the Association of Local Authorities of Mexico, almost 100 mayors have been killed across Mexico over the past 10 years, “principally at the hands of organized crime.”

4 Jan 2016Morelos governor takes over local police

The governor of Mexico's Morelos state, Graco Ramirez, took over the command of police services in 15 towns and cities after the murder of Temixco's mayor.

He said that the assassination could not scare him and like Mota, who was gunned down he would stick to the 'single command' scheme.

He also said that he will "not relent" in bringing her killers to justice.

4 Jan 2016Governor: Mayor's murder a threat to other mayors

Governor Graco Ramirez condemning Mota's murder said that her murder was a clear "threat to other mayors."

The governor added that this incident was a call of intimidation for all the other mayors who had recently taken office to "not accept the police coordination scheme" against the drug cartels.

He said that the gangs were clearly threatened by idea of 'single command'.

4 Jan 20163 held for Temixco Mayor's murder