Penn-Guzman interview intrinsic to druglord's arrest

12 Jan 2016 | By Anupa

Mexican authorities revealed that Sean Penn's secretive interview with the Mexican drug kingpin Guzman led to the drug lord's capture.

Mexican officials contended that contacts between Penn, Guzman's lawyers and actress Kate del Castillo helped them trace the fugitive.

The process of extradition of Guzman to US has begun and sources believe that it may take as long as 5 years.

In context: Guzman under extradition owing to Rolling Stone

Guzman's notorious ways of escape

El Chapo is known for his genius escapes; the first one being from the notorious Puente Grande in 2001 till his last tunnel get-away through his jail cell’s shower in July 2015. Guzman has now been kept in a high-security cell so that he doesn't plan another escape.

10 Jan 2016Rolling Stone magazine publishes Sean Penn-Guzman interview

The Rolling Stone published an exclusive interview of drug lord Guzman, interviewed by actor Sean Penn.

Questions were raised on Penn's ability to reach the drug lord and also, at the compromises made to provide pre-approval rights to the gangster.

This interview which took place in October 2015 could be etched as a milestone for the magazine either as its best or worst feat.

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The MeetingHollywood actor meets Mexico's most wanted

Sean Penn secretively met El-Chapo in Guadalajara, a Mexican jungle, through a Mexican actress by the name of Kate del Castillo.

The meeting was in the context of an interview which was to be published for Rolling Stone.

Penn was flown in a radar-proof aircraft but the local authorities used burner phones to track the criminal which led to the arrest.

Castillo's connection with the druglord

Kate Del Castillo, famous for her tough roles and social activism, has shown an open admiration for drug kingpins. Reportedly, Guzman's representatives approached Castillo to ban the release of his biopic.

Critique US unhappy with Sean's involvement

Scores of people on Twitter called for Sean Penn to be arrested for meeting the world's most wanted drug lord and not turning him into the authorities.

White House too was upset with Sean Penn's journalistic venture and called the meeting 'grotesque'.

An investigation against him has been opened to ascertain if he knew more about Guzman's whereabouts than he has mentioned.

10 Jan 2016Sean Penn's defense to his journalistic venture

Sean Penn released a piece justifying his move to interview Guzman, saying: "I have nothing to hide".

Further, Penn wrote: "My only interest...was to ask questions and deliver his responses, to be weighed by readers, whether in balance or contempt."

His justification came after people began questioning his role and considered the journalism ethics being violated by the Rolling Stones interview.

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12 Jan 2016Penn-Guzman interview intrinsic to druglord's arrest