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26 Oct 2017

Did Democrats bankroll dirty Russia dossier on Trump?

President Donald Trump's term has been mired in controversy, especially over his alleged links to Russia.

A new revelation indicates that some of the research on Trump's Russia ties was funded by his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton's team and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Unsubstantiated rumors of Trump being sighted in a Moscow hotel with prostitutes had surfaced towards the end of the campaign.

In context

Trump-Russia scandal takes an interesting turn
What do we know about the dossier?


What do we know about the dossier?

According to reports, Fusion GPS, a Washington-based intelligence firm was hired by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump.

Fusion GPS, in turn, subcontracted ex-British spy Christopher Steele to compile the dossier.

It claimed that Russia helped Trump win the elections and alleged that Trump was filmed with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel by Kremlin's spies in 2013.


Trump responds, says he's the victims here

Trump earlier dismissed the dossier as fake news.

"The victim here is the President," Trump tweeted after the reports surfaced.

It's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier," he stated while addressing reporters at the White House.

"Clinton always denied it, the Democrats always denied it. I think it's a disgrace, it's a sad commentary on politics in this country," he added.

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Why is this interesting?

The DNC has vigorously denied the allegations against it, much like Trump denies his links to Russia.

It's interesting that the FBI hasn't gone after gone after the Clinton campaign for its alleged ties to Russia or for funding a misinformation campaign.

The FBI may have been politicized in its investigation and the new revelation is likely to undermine its probe into Trump.

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